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3 Ways To Deal With A Septic System That Affects Your Budget

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Whether you buy a house that already has a septic tank installed or you are thinking to install one, you will first need to think about setting some money aside for future repairs and the maintenance service.

Although a septic tank might help you avoid the costs associated with a public sanitation system where you are hooked up, so you will still have a budget for your septic system. So what are ways to deal with a septic system that affects your monthly budget?

Below, we are going to look at three areas that will be affected once you have the septic system installed.

You Can Save Money With Your Sewerage System

Most cities combine the water and the sewage consumption on the same bill because they provide both services.

Utility companies like this, provide all the water, whether is clean (the water that you use in your home) or waste water (the water that leaves your home), so they charge you for both these services.

However, once you have a septic tank installed, you might not have to think about paying for both these services, because in this case you will have to pay only for your fresh water consumption.

Many homes that have a septic tank installed, usually use fresh water from the rain or wells or even recycled water for their waste systems. If you follow this path, you will be able to save some water this way.

You Will Need A Budget For Maintenance

Despite the fact that you will pay less on utility bills involving your water consumption, you will still need a budget for the maintenance cost of your septic tank.

These maintenance services are vital if you want to ensure that your system keeps working as expected.

Although the amount you pay monthly to your city or local authority will reduce, you will still have to budget for the maintenance costs of your septic tanks. These maintenance services are vital if you want to ensure that your system keeps working as expected.

What you should focus your budget on is the annual maintenance as well as hiring septic trucks to pump the septic tank periodically. Occasionally, you might also have to pay for repairs.

The maintenance and repair costs can be quite high and this is the reason why is so important to have an emergency fund at your disposal at any time.

This will ensure you can get the septic tank and associated systems emptied and repaired when needed, to avoid other subsequent issues.

If you can’t work around a budget by putting some money aside each month, then calculate how much you would pay for waste water if you would be hooked up to the sewage system of the city. This way, you can put every month some money aside (the money that you would pay monthly for waste water) to build a budget for maintenance and repairs of your septic tank.

An alternative would be to put money aside mainly for emptying the tank. Remember that getting the septic tank emptied might not happen every year, and this is the reason why you can skip a few months when building the budget for your septic tank.

Budget for a Septic Tank Replacement

It is true that a a septic tank installed correctly and properly maintained could last up to three decades, however, if the septic system in your home is already a couple of decades old, you might want to start thinking about getting it replaced.

It is also important to have a budget for the replacement of the tank if you are looking to sell the house.

A potential buyer will likely ask about the age of the septic tank and if the tank is very old and you haven’t replaced it yet, it is very possible the offer for your house will be reduced to the amount required to replace the tank, so you definitely want to avoid that.


Relying on a septic system, could be very convenient for homeowners that want to pay small utility bills every month for their water consumption, and if they don’t want to be dependent that much on their city or local authorities.

However, any homeowner who relies on a septic system to deal with the waste water produced every month, needs to be aware of the fact that such a system will affect the monthly budget of the house.

This is the reason why you should build a budget for repairs and maintenance service of the septic tank, and you should start building it right away.

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