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5 Easy Tips For Improving Indoor Air Quality

Clean air inside the office

According to the statistics of the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside the house can be 10 to 100 times more polluted than the outside air. Contaminated indoor air can trigger allergies and respiratory diseases, including asthma, which may also result in a lot of other health problems.

In this article we will introduce a few simple tips to improve the indoor air quality, so that everyone be able to breathe an improved air.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

You can improve the quality of your indoor air by following at least one of the next tips in the list.

1. Purify the air using an air cleaner

The fastest way to improve the indoor air quality is to use a high quality air purifier in your home and also in the office. Many high-quality air purifiers reduce airborne particles such as dust, mold, pet dander, and tobacco and cooking smoke.

Currently, HEPA air filters are considered to be the most effective ones because they are able to capture 99.97% of airborne particles that are as tiny as 0.3 microns, but they may not be so good at removing allergens and odors.

Thus, it is advisable to combine HEPA air filters with other devices. For example, negative ion generators are capable of reducing airborne odors and allergens.

Air purifiers are devices used to clean the inside air of all types of pollutants. They work on a simple principle – they take in polluted air and remove all contaminants, releasing clean air back into the room.

There are many different models and brands you can choose from, and all of them offer a different set of features. That would be the reason why you should do a thorough research before purchasing one.

2. Let the clean outside air enter the rooms

Nowadays, the majority of the homes are equipped with heating and cooling systems, which usually force windows and doors to be closed for the sake of higher efficiency.

It is suggested to open your windows and doors when the weather is suitable to ventilate the house. Open the vent control when the air conditioners operate in order to raise the ventilation rate of the natural outdoor air.

3. Choose natural paints and cleaners

“Green” paints and cleaners are certainly beneficial.

Always choose lead-free and non-volatile organic compound paints as well as natural cleaning products that are made from extracts and essentials of natural plants. Those biodegradable ingredients are considerably effective on decomposing dirt and removing toxic chemicals without side effects.

4. Replace vacuum cleaner bags

It is important to take care of your vacuum cleaner in order to maintain its optimal performance.

Remember to replace the vacuum cleaner bag when is it nearly halfway full to give your device the opportunity to properly collect the maximum amount of debris and dust. In fact, a full bag will make the vacuum cleaner work much harder to collect dust and larger debris.

5. Protect your pillows and mattresses

Always protect your pillows and mattress with some covers to get rid of dust mites, which are likely to stay on your skin once they come into contact with you.

Mites are tiny arthropods part of the Arachnida class and the subclass Acari, so they are distantly related to spiders and scorpions. The main food source for dust mites is dead skin produced by the human and animal bodies. For this reason, if you don’t have a good solution to keep away dust mites, they will be in your home permanently.

There are many people allergic to these microscopic creatures, and asthma-like symptoms are one of the results. Fortunately, soft protective covers usually have tight weaves that dust mites cannot penetrate. So, why not to use them to cover your pillows?


When you follow these five tips, you are going to enjoy your time at home and breathe in fresher air. Do you have any new ideas to share with us? Leave your ideas in the comments section please!

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