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5 Energy-Efficient Alternatives for Commuting to Work

Electric scooters are a green alternative for commuting to work

Like most people, you probably spend more time at work than you do at home. And if you are commuting to work, the commute can be quite a bit of a drag.

One of the biggest complaints about commuting is that it’s difficult and time-consuming to get to and from work in good time. Besides spending a lot of time in traffic, your car and transportation also use a lot of energy. How can you make it better?

Here are five energy-efficient alternatives for commuting to work.

1. Take an Electric Bike

If you drive a car or truck, an e-bike could be a great solution for your commute. There are many brands on the market today, but their prices vary greatly, so it’s best to do some research before buying one. The major benefit is that the best e-bikes can save you between 5-15% in fuel costs compared to riding a car every day.

Also, note that they are very safe and almost impossible for thieves to steal as they’re not made of metal and are quite light. Use your daily commute as an opportunity to test them out!

2. A Pedicab Could Be Just What You Need!

Pedicabs are the smallest vehicles on this list, but they can still provide you with a cheap way of getting around. They are usually electric and run on a battery. Some even have solar panels to recharge them at night. What’s the catch? You need to find one that has been approved in your area.

3. Go for an Electric Scooter

Instead of driving your car to the grocery store and back home, why not check out local e-scooter shops? Commuting to work with a portable electric scooter can be a perfect alternative to your daily commute to work. It’s relatively cheap, easy to use and emits zero emissions.

E-scooters are also good for getting out of town at the weekend, going out with friends, even shopping trips and errands. You will only need to charge once a week or so, and they offer a decent range so you can ride up to 20 miles before needing to recharge.

4. Walk to Work and Save the Energy

Walking to work rather than using a car or public transport will let you save a lot of energy and money. Taking public transport can be efficient when you do it regularly, but taking a bus every time you commute home wastes time. You could walk home from anywhere in your neighborhood, so try it out.

5. Cycling to Work

Cycling is fun, exercise, and you’re getting around in style. Why not take it to the office? You can save on petrol and get a lot of exercise for the same price as taking your car. It’s also a great commuter option if you live in an area with big hills, downhill trails or easy terrain like flat.

You could also park your bike at home instead of paying parking fees at work and use it on your regular commute.


There are many ways to save money and live a low-carbon lifestyle. All the options mentioned above are great as they reduce fuel consumption and emissions altogether. Besides exercising and keeping fit, you also become a better child to Mother Nature.

What’s more? All of these will often be cheaper than owning a car.

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