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5 Most Overlooked Things to Reduce Your Energy Bill

lower your energy bills

If not careful, your energy bill can incline drastically and may set back your finances pretty much. However, the good news is that you can implement effective and practical ways to lower the utility bill by a significant percentage every month.

Additionally, it works better by adding permanent features, which are an absolute bonus when looking to sell your home in the future as well. Below are the most important things to do to lower your monthly electricity bill:

1. Upgrade Your Appliances

When you have an Energy Star label on your appliances, one thing is sure, you’re doing your part in helping the environment and also decreasing your energy bill.

Green and smart appliances use a considerably lower amount of energy to work, and thgis is saving money. Remember, that you have several gadgets in your home, and an accumulation of such expenses can hurt you finances pretty much.

Some of these items may included a large number of TVs, dishwasher, more than one freezer, the washing machine, etc.
You can also install power strips to the appliances depending on the energy load and frequency used. It can also help you turn off all devices simultaneously when not in use.

2. Replace Your Windows

Windows connect the interior of your home with the environment so when choosing your windows consider the amount of light entered in the rooms through them, so size them properly. the windows can also protect the interior environment in your home from the outside cold in the winter, and from the outside heat during the summer.

Additionally, it will help you save money on electricity bills by installing energy efficienct windows that will save you money by properly insulating the house from the outside environment.

3. Think of Automation

Imagine going to work, then remembering you haven’t switched off your outdoor security lights. In the end, they remain on the whole day, eating up energy and increasing your electricity bill. By installing automatic light sensors you can avoid such energy losses. The sensores will make the lights work only when needed (during the night and not during the day).

Another great automation includes having a timer in your water heater. Everyone loves soaking in a good bath and being able to regulate it will help you save even more money. You can also use a programmable thermostat for your home to save money in a smart way.

4. Go Green

Installing a solar panel system on your roof can help you reduce your energy bills up to $2,500 annually. You can use solar energy for the water heater and even for outdoor lighting to reduce your energy bill. The power of the Sun can also be used to heat your home in a passive way.

Another option involves using a green roof, which can insulate the house by absorbing heat from the Sun during the day and keeping the house warm during the night. A green roof can do this even in the cold season.

When a buyer is looking to get a home for its family, a green alternative that allows him or her to save money is always appealing.

Consequently, remember to use LED light bulbs because they have a very long lifespan and they consume only a tiny amount of power compared to regular bulbs.

5. Get an Energy Audit

You may consider that you already have a modern home that saves energy every month, so you don’t need an energy audit very soon.
Usually, this is pretty far from truth because technology evilves so fast, that there is always a new material or device that can help you to save even more power.

The energy audit allows an expert to investigate your energy consumption in the house. Consequently, it gives you recommendations on how to save even more power everty month.


A well insulated house that uses renewable energy to lower its carbon footprint and the monthly power bills will save you money every month and will have a much higher value on the local real estate market.

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