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5 Tips to Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer

Installing a new solar PV system on your roof

The longer we take to realize that our current way of living is not sustainable, the harder it will be for our planet to recover from the devastation we have caused over the last century or so. For those of you who have already realized this and have taken the necessary steps to do your part for the environment, we salute you.

Turning to renewable resources to power our cars, homes, and offices is the correct choice, but you may be left wondering a few things about your new install. One of the things you need to know about your new solar installation is how to make your panels last longer.

Here are five tips that will help you to do just that:

Buy Newer Model Panels

Solar panels do degrade over time, but not by much. Newer model solar panels can provide more efficient solar power, even though this percentage might not seem like much at first – it all counts in the long run towards your renewable energy production.

Older model solar panels run at around 18% efficacy, while the newer, premium models offer approximately 22%. Do your homework before because you may find that replacing your older panels will be worth your while.

Don’t Install Near Trees

We all know that trees grow over the years; you might think that your trees aren’t going to get in the way, but they ultimately will. If your trees cast shade over your panels, they will not work as efficiently as they should, and they won’t last as long as they could.

Trees also tend to drop leaves and debris on your panels; this will harm them. Trim back your tree branches regularly, you will notice the difference relatively quickly.

Clean Your Panels

Your solar panels won’t be able to perform at their optimal levels if they are dirty. Dirt, dust, and other natural elements collect on the surface of the panels and cause them to cloud over.

If you notice that your panels aren’t working as they should, and you’ve checked that they are clean and clear, then it might be that the wire used for the install doesn’t provide sufficient energy. Check what the best gauge wire for solar panels is and replace your current wiring if necessary.

Monitor The Output

By using a modern monitoring system, you can track the output performance of your solar system. These systems offer information about the production and consumption of solar power.

By adequately monitoring the output and performance of your inverters and panels, you can easily determine if they are working as they should.

Adjust The Positioning

By adjusting the tilt of your solar panels just twice a year, you can improve the output and performance of your panels. These adjustments will also help your panels to last longer because all panels slowly degrade over time.

There are a variety of external factors that will negatively impact your panels, particularly on their ability to produce electricity. If your panels are properly cared for and maintained, they will last you well over a decade before they will need to be replaced.

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