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7 Advantages Of Solar Energy

Solar energy has many benefits

You will be surprised to know that the power provided by our Sun in just an hour, can cover the energy demand of our civilization for an entire year.

The Sun is actually the main source of energy in the Solar System, which is also clean and available for all of us here on the planet.

To benefit from this great source of clean electricity, you have to install a solar PV system, to produce free energy for your home and reduce your monthly utility bills.

Solar panels have been criticized for being too expensive, however, the benefits that come once you install a solar PV system at home or for your company are numerous.

Luckily, the increased production of solar panels available on the market, managed to decrease the price of the panels, and today, installing a solar panel system on your roof is no longer an unachievable goal even if you have an average income.

2. Is A Renewable Energy Source

The main benefit of solar power is produced by the fact that is an endless resource of clean electricity and heat for mankind. The sunlight is available everywhere on the planet, and by using a solar panel system, you can turn the sunlight into electricity (through the photovoltaic effect), and you can store that energy for later use.

The Sun was here even before the creation of our planet, and will be here for at least another 5 billion years to send us energy, light and heat and sustain all life processes on the planet.

2. Has Various Uses

When it comes to free and clean electricity, you can use the energy of the Sun to power a wide variety of applications.

Solar is the best option in areas where the grid is not an option, can be used to supply water, to heat rooms and buildings (passive solar), to power different outdoor events, outdoor hospitals, etc.

The free energy provided by the Sun is used to power gadgets, boats, caravans, but also homes and companies, and at utility scale, we have solar power plants that are producing clean electricity for the grid.

3. Can Reduce Energy Bills

With the latest Covid-19 crisis across the planet, millions of people have lost their job and their monthly income.

However, the bills must be paid each month, so by installing a solar PV system, the homeowner can reduce its monthly utility bills and can also generate additional income by sending the excess energy back to the grid to power other users.

A larger PV system can reduce your monthly bills to zero, and can become a regular source of income for your household.

If you live in Australia and search for the South Australian battery rebate, you will be surprised to walk through the incredible benefits of solar energy that you never knew about.

4. Solar Technology Continues To Evolve

Luckily for all the people inhabiting the planet, the solar energy sector continues to research and develop new technologies that could make solar cells more efficient.

The current technology used to harness the sunlight can turn about 20% of the sunlight into clean electricity, while 80% of the sunlight is lost.

To make solar power a main source of energy on the planet that could replace the energy produced from fossil fuels, we have to improve the efficiency of the panels.

A solar panel with 30% efficiency generates 50% more energy than current solar panels with 20% efficiency.

The improvements in the solar technology sector will continue and this will only increase the output of the solar panels installed on the roof to power homes and businesses, and the output of the solar power plants newly installed.

5. Solar Power Is Eco-friendly

A solar cell produces electricity by turning the sunlight (using the photovoltaic effect) into direct current (DC), which can be stored in batteries for later use, or is transformed into alternative current (AC) by an inverter and used to power appliances.

To generate energy, a solar panel requires only the presence of the sunlight, and this is the reason why solar panels or solar PV systems are eco-friendly devices because don’t consume fuels or other limited resources to produce energy.

Because they use only the sunlight to generate power, solar panels have zero emissions, so they don’t produce air pollution.

After installation, a solar PV system only produces energy during the day, and does not pollute the environment.

However, when they become waste, solar panels must be properly recycled to avoid polluting the landfill soil with the chemical substances contained by PV cells.

6. Solar Creates New Jobs

The solar sector creates every year new jobs such as:

Project managers

They are responsible with the new projects created to improve the technology, or to increase the generation capacity for solar by building new solar power plants in areas receiving a good amount of sunlight every year (desert areas are ideal for this kind of power plants).

Quantity Surveyors

They manage project finances from the beginning to the end, keeping the contractors on a tight leash in both the public and private sectors.


These professionals are interested to see if this type of renewable energy has an impact on the environment.


They are involved to improve current projects, and their ideas and blueprints can produce new power plants or facilities.


These professionals are responsible for the daily maintenance of all solar power plants and facilities.

Environmental Consultants

These professionals are experts on best practices and regulations regarding the environment, and they provide support and guidance for the new projects to meet their objectives having a minimal impact on the environment.

Solar being a future energy source, the number of new jobs created in the sector will continue to rise year after year, so a career in renewable energy will be highly appreciated in the coming decades.

7. Solar Is A Long Term Investment

A solar PV system using quality components, will work with minimal maintenance at least three decades without losing much of the efficiency of the panels.

If you keep them clean, you can be sure that the PV system will work at maximum capacity and will generate clean electricity for you for a very long time.

The initial investment with the PV system will be recovered in about eight years of usage.

However, every kilowatt of clean energy produced after you recover your investment, will be free energy for you and your family.

Excess energy will be sent back to the grid to power your neighbors and the utility company will pay you money for doing this.


Solar is a main source of power for the future, so the faster you start using a solar PV system, the faster you will feel yourself living in the future.

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I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars. Danny Ovy


  1. Erika Brady

    My niece is very concerned about the environment and has been encouraging her family to find ways to help. Thanks for explaining how eco-friendly solar power is since it uses sunlight. This would be the perfect option for their family, so I’ll let them know so that they can look into solar energy installation.

  2. Adam Golightly

    My brother has been thinking lately about getting some clean energy for his home to bexome more energy-efficient. He would really like to get some help from a professional to get the right solar PV system on his roof. I liked what you said about how solar panels can be more energy-efficient without producing air pollution.

  3. Alice Carroll

    I like that you mentioned how solar panels can help us reducing our energy bills during the summer.
    Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been making sure to cut corners wherever I could, in order to build up whatever emergency fund I could muster. Perhaps it would be a good investment to get solar panels installed on my roof to increase the value of my home and produce less pollution.

  4. Conrad O'Connor

    Thank you for pointing out that using solar energy can help reduce your monthly energy bills.

    I’ve been searching for a genuine way to lower my home’s power spending, so I’m thinking about hiring someone to install a solar PV panel system on the roof of my home. I’m going to look for a good business in my area that can install a solar panel system for me.

  5. Kate Hansen

    I never knew that you could reduce your monthly bills by roducing you own energy with the help of a solar PV system. My husband and I have been thinking about getting solar panels installed on our roof for the past couple of weeks, and we wanted to learn more about the benefits it could provide for us.

    I really appreciate you helping us learn more about the benefits of solar panels for your home. We’ll have to look into hiring a professional that can install some for us!

  6. Derek Swain

    I didn’t realize that the energy that solar panels absorb from the sun can be stored and used in the future. Ever since my brother told me that he would like to start working from home next month, he has been trying to find a way to keep his computer running when his power goes out during the frequent storms in his area. I wonder if he would benefit from utilizing solar energy to power the electronics in his house.

  7. Bob Newton

    Thanks for pointing out that using solar panels on your home can help you lower your energy bills. I want to make my new house as energy-efficient and clean for the environment as possible, so I’m thinking about hiring someone to install solar panels on it for me. I’m going to look for a reputable company in my area that offers solar panel installation services to hire.

  8. Thomas Clarence

    Wow, it never would have occurred to me that you can generate an income by installing solar panels on your roof and by selling the extra energy that you don’t need for home use. If you are planning on getting solar panels, it would probably be a good idea to have a technician figure out what size of panels you want to install. If you want to produce extra energy, I would imagine that you would need to get fairly a larger solar PV system.

  9. Zachary Tomlinson

    My boss is wondering if there’s a way to lessen his home’s electric bills since it’s reaching a record high these past months.

    I find it amazing to learn that you can now muster the sun’s energy and turn it into clean electricity! I should share this with him so he’d consider having solar panels installed on his rootop.

  10. Fred Gibbons

    It’s interesting that you mentioned that installing solar panels on your roof can reduce your energy bills. I’ve been looking for a way to lower my utility bills, so I’m thinking about having solar panels installed on my home this year.

    I’m going to search for a good business in my area that can install some solar panels for me at an affordable price.

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