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A Portable Food Warmer For You

Portable food heater

We all know that when we are away from home, we can’t find fresh and healthy food that easy, especially if we are at work all day long, we are traveling for long distances or we are hiking in remote areas.

Using a portable food heater that can be powered by a 12V car port or a battery pack carried in the backpack, you can have your own home-cooked food ready for you at any time of the day and wherever you are.

Construction workers out on the field, drivers traveling for long distances, people traveling on the boat and those hiking in remote areas, have no possibility or no time to waste running to a shop to buy food.

With the help of a portable food heater consisting in a thermal insulated bag with a 12v heating plate, you can have your own food heated and ready for you to eat whenever you want.

Advantages Of Using A Portable Food Warmer

Having a portable food warmer with you when you are away from home, can improve your health, and can save you a lot of time and money.

1. Can Be Used By A Large Number Of People

A portable food warmer can be used for tradies, by campers, truckies, boaties and people on the move that want to have their own home-cooked food (which is healthier and tastier than the food bought from shops), heated and ready for them whenever they want.

2. It’s A Very Efficient Device

This portable food warmer comes in two options:

1. Option one consists in a thermal insulated bag and a 12V heating plate that can be powered using the lighter socket of your vehicle.

2. Option two consists of the same thermal insulated bag and a 12V heating plate, but in addition we have here a battery pack, which is used to power the 12V heating plate without using the car’s lighter socket.

The heating times will depend on the container you use, the outside temperature, and how much you have to heat the food.

Using a stainless steel container with flat bottom instead of one made of thick plastic will decrease the heating time.

A frozen meal is generally heated up in about two hours, while refrigerated meal requires less time for heating.

3. Can Help You Make A Healthy Change To Your Lifestyle

Instead of eating fast food, old sandwiches, salad and sausage rolls all the time when you are away from home, by using a portable food warmer you can have your own healthy food (prepared at home) heated and ready for you.

Eating home-cooked food instead of fast food, will improve your general health and will make you feel more energized and healthier than before.

4. This Device Will Save You Time And Money

We all know that the biggest time waster in the middle of the day is going to get food or looking for food.
When at work, you have your own rhythm because you have to follow a specific schedule, and when you get hungry you are breaking the flow of the day by going to buy food.

The portable food heater will save you a lot of time (you no longer have to drive to a shop to buy food), and money as well, because you are no longer spending money on food (you have your own food prepared prior at home).


Technology has evolved pretty much, and now you can use a portable food heater to become a healthier person, that will spend less time to get the food, and will also save some money because the heater plate is powered by a 12V car port or a battery pack.

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