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Active Kinetic 1 – A New Technology Used To Generate Clean Electricity

Active Kinetic

Active Kinetic 1 is a new technology and method to generate electricity.

The method will provide billions of people with electricity and reduce the overall burden on fossil fuels, which lead to CO2 production.

The new energy system called Active Kinetic 1 can operate 24 hours a day without any fuel, and this can massively contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Discovering a new method of generating electricity can bring prosperity and hope for billions of people around the world.

The motion energy prototypes have proven the technology is a world game changer and will provide many new energy solutions & jobs today and in the future.

Active Kinetic 1 technology was recently discussed in the UK Parliament, House of Commons where energy provider EDF made suggestions about extending feed in tariff for the human harvesting technology.

The technology is capable of using new forms of renewable energy more efficiently than previously accomplished.

A new energy crisis? Well, energy is everywhere around us. The Sun is the main source of power in the Solar System we are part of. The Sun creates the sunlight, the wind and the energy stored in biomass.

The gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon create the tides in our oceans and the wind produces waves.

All these forms of clean and renewable energy: solar, wind, ocean power, etc., can be harvested to replace the energy produced by burning fossil fuels.

Active Kinetic 1 Technology

Active Kinetic 1 Technology can be 100% manufactured from recycled materials with no CO2 emission.

It is among the youngest kinetic energy technologies invented in 2021, the new motion energy technology has also been successfully tested to conserve and reduce energy loss.

The technology qualifies as one of the worlds first true Zero energy devices for personal and portable CO2 free electricity.

Harvesting Motion Energy

Active Kinetic 1 uses a newly invented motion energy electric generator. Using this generator, the device can use small movements to generate useful amounts of electrical charge.


How this device works?, image source:

These small movements can consist of a car journey, walking your dog in the park, and even basic human movements inside or outside.

More than that, Active Kinetic 1 can generate a large amount of clean electricity using the different forms of movements described above.

Beside generating clean power, Active Kinetic 1 can also conserve energy for later use.

You can bring the device with you wherever you go because your own movements are used to produce electricity. This way you become a human power source, because the device can harvest different forms of waste energy, which without using the device is usually lost.

Humankind moves towards a cleaner future where fossil fuels will no longer be part of the energy mix.

To achieve this sooner, we have to increase the generation capacity for renewable energy, we have to increase the variety of renewable resources used to generate energy, and of course, we have to use the energy that we produce day after day from different activities.

Energy is everywhere around us, but if we don’t harvest this form of power, we will only waste it over and over again.

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