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Advantages of Solar Energy

solar PV system on the roof

Solar energy is considered today one of the best alternative energy sources that will replace in the future the fossil fuels used today on a large scale.

In terms of advantages and disadvantages, we can say that solar power has more advantages than disadvantages today (more pros than cons), and as time passes and technology evolves, the number of disadvantages will be reduced even more.

Today, we are using solar energy to generate clean electricity (solar power), to heat water, to naturally illuminate a building and for cooking.

The definition of solar energy is telling us that this form of clean, free and renewable energy is produced by our star (the Sun) and can be harvested using photovoltaic (PV) solar cells for free energy, and using the sunshine directly to illuminate a house, to heat water or for cooking.

Solar energy does not represent a steady source of power, a PV solar panel will produce electricity only in sunny days and certainly not during the night.

However, solar is a free source of clean power, which must be harvested when is available to lower the energy bills and the carbon footprint and also to save some money in our pockets.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar power has many advantages over fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas because is friendly with the environment, is free and also renewable (it never ends if compared to our time).

1. Is Friendly With The Environment

Solar energy can help us reduce our carbon footprint because the solar panels installed on our rooftop will produce only clean power during the sunny days.

Using the clean electricity generated by your solar panel system mounted on the rooftop of your house or in the yard, the grid electricity (which is usually generated by burning fossil fuels) will remain in the grid, and you will be sure that at least for a while, your carbon footprint will be zero.

In the world, solar energy knows a wide expansion this year due to lower prices, and mostly because many countries have already understood the fact that the environment can be saved only by using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels.

2. Is A Renewable Energy Source

The Sun will be here to provide us with light and heat for another 4 to 5 billion years, so if we compare this period of time with the age of the human civilization, we can say that solar power will never end.

If never ends, it is considered a renewable energy source that is also free and clean for the environment.

Mankind already knows how to use the Sun to generate free and clean electricity, how to bring natural light inside a house, how to heat water or to cook using the sunshine and so on.

As technology evolves, mankind will find more productive ways of harvesting the power of the Sun, so we can say that from now on, the Sun will become one of the most important sources of renewable energy on the planet for us and the future generations.

3. Can Enhance The Financial Value Of Your Home Or Business

People in search for a new home, will always pay more money on a house that looks good and uses a renewable energy system such as a solar panel system.

Installing a solar panel system on your rooftop or inside the yard will cost you a good amount of money, but in the case of selling the house, the new owner will pay more money on the house due to the presence of the renewable energy system.

The solar panel system will help the new owner to become a greener person that is producing its own free and clean energy, and pays less money on energy bills.

4. Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Being a free and renewable energy source (it never ends) solar energy can be harvested by anyone that is using a solar panel system.

The larger the solar panel system, more clean energy will be produced, and this way the electricity consumption in your house will be mostly covered by the solar panels and you will pay smaller electricity bills.

If the electricity consumption in your house is very high, you can use the same solar panel system to cover some of your energy consumption from renewable resources (solar), and this way you will pay smaller electricity bills.

5. Solar Energy Is Easy To Install

Once you’ve decided to purchase a solar panel system, the team that will do the installation work will have a pretty easy task to complete.

After the installation, your panels will start producing clean power right away if the Sun will be up and shining.

If a normal solar panel system is installed the entire operation will take only a couple of hours and will be done in a single day.

The installation could take more than one day in case of a system involving a larger number of solar panels.

6. Solar Panel Systems Require Low Maintenance

Once installed, the solar panels installed on your rooftop will require very little maintenance due to the fact that the system has no moving parts.

A few times a year, the panels must be inspected for any dirt or debris that can be collected, and which can lower the performance of the system.

A good and steady ladder and a standard garden hose would be enough to wash the face of the solar panels in the early morning or in the evening.

If you live in a dusty area, you can use automated cleaners that will work like sprinklers and can be programmed to clean the panels when needed.

You can also contact the solar company that installed the system and which is usually providing a cleaning service for the panels.

7. Can Provide Free And Clean Energy In Remote Locations

A clear sky and the shining Sun can provide free and clean electricity almost everywhere on the planet.

Solar energy is produced even in space where the solar panels receive more energy from the Sun due to the fact that the atmosphere in not present and cannot reflect not even a small part of the energy sent by the Sun.

8. It’s A Long Lasting Energy Source

A solar panel system usually provides two different types of warranties, such as equipment warranty and performance warranty.

The equipment warranty will usually guarantee a time period of 10 to 12 years without failing.

The performance warranty will usually guarantee a 90% production capacity at the age of 10 years and 80% production capacity at the age of 25 years of the system.

9. Provides Energy Endependence

Anyone using solar panels can produce its own clean and free energy in any sunny place on the planet, even in the places where the power grid is not available.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in a remote location outside the city, if there is Sun, there is also clean and free power provided by your panels.

Using a battery system that can store the energy produced by the panels, it will allow you to use the energy during the night or in the cloudy days.

Governmental Tax Credits Are Available When Installing A New Solar PV System

Most governments in the world are promoting the use of renewable energy and they tax the use of fossil fuels that pollute.

You can get a tax credit from the government by installing a solar panel system on your rooftop.

By installing the panels to generate clean electricity for your home, you can be sure that you will pay smaller taxes now and in the future.

The trend is towards cleaner energy sources, so if you continue to pollute the environment, the government will tax you more and more.

By installing a solar energy system that can produce clean power and reduce your carbon footprint, you will be protected from future pollution taxes.

Final conclusion

Solar energy has way more advantages than disadvantages and being a renewable energy source that is not affecting the environment, it has a bright future as energy source for mankind.

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    Hi Magda,

    I use solar energy to power 30% of my home in Kuje, Nigeria. I plan on increasing that to 50% next year. And hopefully 100% the following year or 2. The only challenge now is the life of the batteries. They usually don’t go beyond 5 yrs.

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