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All American EVs Can Lead The Sustainable Charge

All American EVs

Electric vehicles are often the domain of small, prototype companies, such as Tesla that wants to create affordable EVs for the masses to turn the transportation sector into one that is friendly with the environment.

Now, the biggest car manufacturers have signalled their intent to make massive changes into the sector.

On July 2019, we saw the New York Times report saying that VW and Ford were set to collaborate on electric and autonomous vehicles, which seem to be the first big cooperative project between major motor companies.

Electric vehicles are already understood to be the vehicles of the future and how the stubborn auto giants will respond and dictate, and with their classic designs in tow, could cause waves globally.

Bringing Old Vehicles to the Fore

A big part of the sustainable automotive challenge is the sheer quantity of older vehicles.

According to NBC, people are generally driving the same vehicles for longer, meaning that there are 53.3m pre-1999 vehicles on the road today in the USA alone.

While lower MPG scores seem detrimental, many car manufacturers and outlets are now providing updates for used vehicles, given that the net carbon footprint is likely to be lower when the production of a new vehicle can be avoided.

With big manufacturer input, older models of cars will remain relevant and improve in terms of on-road emissions.

More Classic Vehicles

Alongside providing options for older and classic designs, several big automotive players on the market are bringing electric power to their key brands.

GM is a noted example of this; in January 2019, the Verge reported that they were releasing an entire new imprint of Cadillac vehicles.

Cadillac is arguably one of the most all-American car brands, and this signals promising intent from what were previously guarded auto manufacturers.

Motorcycles Become Electric Too

March 2019 brought us the announcement of a controversial design – an all electric Harley Davidson bike.
Another symbol of the American automotive industry, Harley perhaps encapsulates the images of power and drive that many classic autos evoke.

With regard to the discussion over sustainability and efficiency, the production of all-electric motorbikes is a great development for the electric vehicles sector because it could ignite the interest of more clients in the EV market.

Such a green development would solve many issues such as maximum range, sustainability problems and would bring lower emissions, better quality of life in cities (air pollution would be lowered), and lower carbon costs for the electric vehicle production.

Electric Vehicles to Become the Main Form of Trasportation in the Near Future

Electric vehicles represent the future for the transportation sector and have been established as the go-to for a sustainable travel in a not so far the future that will certainly follow in just a couple of years from now on.

However, not all car manufacturers have understood the idea, at least not yet.

Of course that all car manufacturers on the planet are very aware of the fact that the future is electric and the era of the vehicles with internal combustion engines is close to ending.


The impetus of big manufacturers like VW, Ford, GM and Harley Davidson is bringing new hope, however, with an entirely new generation of all-American brands that are providing inspiration to the rest of the world.

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