At least two days of Ban on Diesel Cars in Oslo this week

Two days of ban on diesel cars in Oslo, Norway in January, 2017.

After France and Spain, now Norway plans to ban diesel cars from the roads of its capital Oslo, for a period of at least two days this week, in order to limit the level of air pollution produced by vehicles.

The ban will go into effect tomorrow (Tuesday, January 17, 2017), and will include all municipal roads, but not the highways that are crossing the capital of the country.

All drivers that would violate the ban will receive a fine of 1,500 kroner ($209 or €197).

The authorities expect to see an improvement of the atmospheric conditions in terms of pollution in the middle of this week (Thursday).

The ban on diesel cars is something new for Norway, but it was expected after the moment when the City Council of Oslo that consists of the Labour party, the Conservative Party (these two having the majority in the City Council), the Green Party and a few others, has decided in February 2016, that such measure to ban polluting cars from the roads of the city can be applied to limit the level of air pollution.

Diesel cars emit less CO2 than petrol-based cars, but they are considered more harmful for the environment because they emit more nitrogen dioxide.

Some drivers in Oslo are very angry because they say that about a decade ago (in 2006), the authorities have encouraged them to buy diesel cars because at that time, diesel cars were considered more friendly with the environment (lower consumption and less CO2 emissions) than petrol-based cars.

The fact that the Norwegian authorities have encouraged drivers to buy diesel cars instead of petrol-based cars it was reflected by the less expensive taxes paid by the drivers of the diesel vehicles.

Other people in Norway consider that the measure is great, and they propose even an extension of the ban on diesel cars in all big cities of the country, and also double fines for all drivers that violate the ban.

While diesel cars seem to face occasional bans on different roads in Norway in the future, electric cars have been embraced by a pretty impressive number of drivers.

Seeing that the electric cars have been accepted by a large number of people in the country, it is somehow normal for the authorities to attack diesel cars because they no longer represent the trend to follow in today’s society.

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Magda Savin
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