South Australia to host a solar farm with the largest battery system in the world

solar farm Morgan South Australia

A large solar farm with the biggest battery system in the world to be built in Morgan, South Australia.

South Australia will receive a $1 billion solar farm that will use the largest solar battery system ever used in the world.

The solar farm will contain a number of 3.4 million solar panels and to store the energy produced by the panels, the solar farm will use a number of 1.1 million solar batteries, hosting this way the largest battery project in the world.

This huge solar project is scheduled to be built in the South Australia’s Riverland region, and the work on the project will start by the end of this year (2017).

Lyon Group is the company that will build the battery system for the solar farm and they have already stated that the construction of the project will start in a couple of months from now.

David Green, which is a partner of the Lyon Group, said that the system will be financed by investors, and will be built on a privately owned scrubland located in Morgan, South Australia.

Green considers that the solar farm will be a “significant stimulus” for South Australia.

The energy market in South Australia will be significantly enhanced with the presence of the solar farm and the battery system.

Green stated that “any short-term decisions are only considered noise in the process” and if South Australia wants to reduce its carbon footprint, such large solar farms that are using huge battery systems for energy storage, represent a very good start in the process.

The Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill, seems to be a supporter of the solar project because he stated that the solar farm will generate about 330 MW of solar power and will be able to store at least 100 MW of clean energy, and he added that such projects represent the future.

Weatherill said further that the Lyon Group is only one company among several others that have shown interest to build a 100 MW battery system as part of the South Australia government’s power plan, which was announced this month (March 2017).

The premier ended by saying that the government will consider bidders for the project over the coming weeks.

Danny Ovy

Danny Ovy

I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars.

Danny Ovy
Danny Ovy
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