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Large onshore wind turbine
Wind power

18 Pros And Cons Of Wind Energy

Wind energy has become today the second-fastest growing source of clean electricity on the planet (after solar energy). Wind energy is produced using the kinetic force of the wind that…
planting a tree

How To Stop Global Warming And Climate Change

Global warming and climate change have become a real threat to mankind in recent years because the weather conditions have been changed dramatically, leading to devastating tropical storms, floods affecting…
our sun
Renewable energy

Alternative Energy Sources Today

Alternative energy sources are represented today by all sources of clean power that will successfully replace the fossil fuels in the future for a cleaner environment. What Are Alternative Energy…
canopy layer in the tropical rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Biome

The tropical rainforest can be found in the planet's area that is located near to the equator (10 degrees north and 10 degrees south of the equator) and is known…
nulcear power station in Canada

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy or atomic energy is considered a very important source of energy for humanity because releases a very low amount of carbon emissions and has a huge potential to…
reducing air pollution in the city

What is Environmental Sustainability?

Environmental sustainability does not represent the same thing as sustainable development because what is good for our society, may not be useful for the environment and vice versa. Let's see…
natural gas rig

12 Pros And Cons Of Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuel available today on the planet that can help our civilization reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere…
overpopulation in asia

Overpopulation: Causes, Effects And Solutions

Overpopulation affects the environment and our life here on the planet because the very large number of people, consumes the limited resources such as land, fresh water and wood, at…
adani solar power plant
Solar energy

30 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

The Sun is our main source of clean energy because it represents the source of the light and wind on planet Earth, which are used to produce solar and wind…
Tsla model S for kids
Electric Vehicles

Tesla Model S For Children

If you can't buy a Tesla Model S for yourself, maybe you can buy a smaller Tesla Model S for your kid, which can help him or her understand how…
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