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Pyramid of biomass

What is a Pyramid of Biomass? |

To understand the pyramids of biomass we first need to explain what is biomass, what is a food chain and what are trophic levels. What is Biomass? Biomass can be…
work from home in the COvid-19 era
How to

Staying Home in the Covid-19 Era Doesn’t Mean Higher Energy Bills

The COVID-19 pandemic seem to continue despite the efforts to impose social distance, and this can only mean more time spent at home with the family. If you are lucky…
outdoor lighting
How to

Impressive Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Consider This Fall

Many people love to spend time outdoors, especially during the summer, when the sunny days are present almost daily, and create great opportunities for fun and games and other outdoor…
steam cleaning a car
How to

Green Cleaning Using Steam Cleaning Machines

Keeping your home clean all the time is a very important activity in the house because it can keep you and your family away from allergies and possible dangerous diseases.…
solar panels
Solar energy

What is the Difference Between On Grid and Off Grid Solar?

Solar power is a great source of renewable energy that can be used to lower the carbon footprint of your building and also the monthly energy bills. If you live…
children in nature
How to

Summer Fundraising To Protect Planet Earth

The summer is the best season for solar energy because the days are longer, and the Sun can be seen almost every day. To protect the planet we have to…
Residential solar
Solar energy

How Does A Solar Inverter Work? |

Almost all solar PV systems use today at least one solar inverter, and because this is the central component that binds the whole system together, the inverter is the component…
Corn for ethanol

Popular Sources Of Biofuels |

As the world seeks more and more ways to create eco-friendly energy sources, biofuels seem to be one of the best answers. Over the last few years, biofuels have been…
Solar PV system on the roof
Solar energy

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline vs Flexible Solar Panels

There are several types of solar panels available on the market today, some of them being older but durable, while others being flexible, less durable and more expensive per watt.…
Using a bike to get in shape
How to

How To Reduce Air Pollution In The City Using A Bike

All cities of the planet are seriously affected today by the high level of air pollution produced by vehicles with internal combustion engine. The oil reserves available for mankind are…
Flexible solar panels on a boat
Solar energy

3 Types of Solar Panels: Which is Best For You?

In 2019, a regular U.S. household located in the residential area had an average electricity consumption of about 909 kWh per month. This is due to the fact that most…
Painting your home's exterior
How to

Prep Your Home’s Exterior For The Coming Spring

Winter is already gone, so the first signs of the spring can be already seen almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere. I'm sure that you are happy that the cold…
sever drought caused by climate change
How to

Climate Change 101: Learn About Fighting Climate Change

Climate change is happening all around the world today, and only people can do something to reduce its harmful effects on the weather patterns and our life on the planet.…
Recycled car parts
How to

Recycled Car Parts or OEM Parts To Save the Environment?

Every driver knows that a new car will work fine for about the first 100,000 miles, but after that, you have to invest your own money in car parts just…
Installing a new solar PV system
Solar energy

Helpful Tips On Solar Power: Purchase And Cost-Effectiveness

Solar power will be the new buzzword as an alternative to traditional electricity, which will help individuals to lower their electricity bills. In places with good sun exposure, the sunlight…
Off Grid Solar System
Solar energy

Off Grid Solar PV Systems To Become a Reality for Homeowners

Solar panels provide homeowners with incredible value, saving thousands on utility costs. Learn how off grid solar power systems are creating energy freedom. Going off-grid is no longer an elusive…
Air to air heat pump

Everything You Need To Know About Air To Air Heat Pumps

In recent years, the use of renewable energy sources has been in the spotlight of the world community. Inventors and scientists have been working together to come up with greener…
Carving wood
How to

Use Woodworking To Add Value To Your Home

Woodworking is a skill that can be mastered by almost anyone, and can be used in home improvements to increase the value of the property. Being a productive craft that…
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