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Benefits of Aluminum

Iphone made of aluminum

Aluminum is a metal that offers a ton of benefits. Mechanically, chemically, and physically, aluminum is a metal that is the same as titanium, lead, zinc, copper, brass, and steel.

You can machine it, form it, cast it, and melt it as desired. Beside this, similar fabrication methods and equipment is used for utilizing aluminum as other metals.

This article aims to take a close look at the many benefits of aluminum. You will be amazed to know about just how many advantages has this metal. So, what are you waiting for? Let Hcaluminum take a look at those benefits.

Advantages of Aluminum

1. Lightweight

One of the main benefits of aluminum is that it is a pretty light metal. In fact, it is so light that has an atomic weight of just 26.9815 g/mol or Daltons. Thus, you can expect it to weigh about a third of what steel weighs.

This means that it is a more cost-effective option to work with. Today, aluminum is used for just about everything.

You can find it in vehicles, machinery, etc. and it helps to boost the load capacity due to its lightweight. It also helps to improve comfort level and reduce noise. Its strength can be easily modified depending on the application.

2. Corrosion-Resistance

Another major benefit of aluminum consists of its corrosion-resistance. A great thing about aluminum is that it generates a thin oxide coating naturally. This helps keep it from making contact with the outsode air. Therefore, it can be used for applications that involve corroding agents such as air, water, etc.

3. Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Aluminum is a material that provides thermal and electrical conductivity. This makes it the ultimate material to work with in a very wide range of applications.

Due to its lightweight, it acts as a better conductor than copper.
This is why it is the main choice in power transmission lines. Besides that, it even acts as an excellent heat sink as it drains away heat much quicker than other metals.

4. Reflectivity

An obvious benefit of aluminum is reflectivity. Its low atomic is the main reason behind its excellent reflectivity. It can be used as material to manufacture rescue blankets and light fittings.

Moreover, aluminum is used to keep the temperature of roofs down. These roofs are coated with aluminum to reduce internal heat produced by the sunlight by up to 95 percent due to the reflective properties of the metal.

5. Ductility

A great thing about aluminum is that it is a ductile metal. It has low density and a pretty low melting point. This allows us to process this metal much easier than others.

The ductility enables aluminum products to achieve the desired design very easy. Whether you require wires, rods, tubes, geometrical configurations, foil, or sheets, you can count on aluminum to be used as the main material to manufacture these things.

6. Amazing Strength Even at Low Temperatures

There is a pretty reduced number of materials offering such an amazing strength at low temperatures like aluminum does. Unlike steel which instantly becomes brittle once the temperatures dip below zero, aluminum continues to provide tensile strength.

alloy wheels

Your alloy wheels are made from a blend of aluminum and nickel, image source:


The benefits of aluminum are very numerous. It is the only material used on a large scale recently to manufacture a variety of items. You simply can’t go wrong with aluminum.

You can find it in your car, in your house, at work, when you go out shopping, actually aluminum is present everywhere (even in space because it was used to build satellites and the ISS).

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