Bioenergy is now used to re-energize your skin and reverse the signs of aging

Bioenergy is the missing link to ageless skin.

California Bioenergy™ is the name of a California-based start-up that wants to unleash the full power of biotech on skin care and beauty.

By using the science of bioenergy, the company found a new way of re-energizing the human skin and reverse the signs of aging at the cellular level.

It seems that the science of beauty has moved now at the cellular level because if we want to truly rejuvenate the skin we need to work at the microscopic level.

Revitol is the name of an eye cream that can help you get rid of eye circles and dark circles under eyes.

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The company managed to dramatically transform the look and the feel of the skin into a skin that looks and behaves like the skin of a young person.

A Revolutionary Treatment that can Reverse the Age of Your Skin

Recently, a special study took place that set out to discover what happens to the skin when we are aging, and how this can affect our look.

A group of 350 women were gathered belonging to four different ethnic groups with ages ranging from their 20’s trough their 70’s.

Scientists used 3D imaging, hormone mapping and genetic information to evaluate each woman’s skin, and they’ve discovered a few special cases of women which had a skin that defies the rules of aging.

These women looked to be 30, but their true age was actually 55!

By studying the DNA of these women, the geneticists found that all these women have something in common, their cells were producing more bioenergy than normal.

In the average woman, bioenergy declines naturally in her 30’s, but in the case of the exceptional women, bioenergy was produced over and over, exactly like a woman in her 20’s.

The signs of aging simply does not appear in these women because their skin cells are still producing bioenergy even now, when they passed 50.

Matrixyl 3000 – California Bioenergy.

Silicon Valley geneticists discovered the secret of ageless beauty, which is represented by Bioenergy.

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The company developed a set of new products based on Bioenergy, which will help you re-energize, restore, rebuild, repair and replenish your skin to look and feel young again.

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