Can China lead the world in the fight against climate change?

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park shows that China has great ambitions in renewable energy.

Due to the fact that the Trump Administration considers climate change as a hoax, the position of world leader in the battle against climate change has become vacant, and now China has the chance to take the lead in the fight against climate change, even if we all know that today, China due to its goal of becoming a world power, has also become the biggest polluter in the world.

While Donald Trump prepares to revive the coal sector in the country and also to remove the country from the Paris climate agreement, China wants to become more involved in the environmental protection.

There are several signs that show China’s commitment toward a greener economy, such as:

  • major investments in the renewable energy sector that is driving down the price for solar and wind energy;
  • strong political drivers that can turn the country into a technology leader on the world market;
  • a strong social will to improve the air quality in the country, and many others.
  • Another strong sign that shows the country’s commitment toward a greener future is represented by the fact that China’s National Energy Administration has ordered the closure of more than 100 coal-fired power plants in a number of 11 provinces in the country.

    At the same time, China is committed to invest a huge amount of money ($360 billion) in renewable energy, which represents the largest investment made by a country by now in the green energy sector.

    Such an investment will create a number of 13 million new jobs for Chinese workers in the renewable energy sector.

    However, China has a strong will to become a world power, so the coal consumption in the country for energy production will continue to be high in order to power the growing economy.

    Luckily, the development of new technologies that are greener and smarter will help the clean energy sector to improve its share in the country’s energy mix, which in time (a few decades) will reduce China’s carbon footprint.

    China’s future seems to look like the future of a country that will continue to pollute, but at the same time will become the world’s number one investor, developer and promoter of renewable energy and green cars.

    Magda Savin
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    Magda Savin

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    Magda Savin
    Magda Savin
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