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Tesla Model S For Children

Tsla model S for kids

If you can’t buy a Tesla Model S for yourself, maybe you can buy a smaller Tesla Model S for your kid, which can help him or her understand how useful, cool and clean is an electric vehicle.

Radio Flyer And Tesla Motors Have Teamed Up To Build A Tesla Model S For Children

Radio Flyer, the famous toy company that created the little red wagon, has decided to team up with Tesla Motors to create a mini Tesla Model S for children.

Tesla Model S for kids has the same basics in terms of design and features like an authentic Tesla Model S.

This tiny electric vehicle has working headlights, turbine rims and a premium paint finish that uses the authentic Model S colors (Red Multi-coat, Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic).

Tesla Model S for kids is a miniature Tesla Model S

The Model S for kids is powered by Flight Speed Lithium Ion Battery technology that provides more playtime than any competitor using the lead-acid battery.

Beside the improved playtime, the Flight Speed Lithium Ion Battery comes with reduced charging time.

The battery used by the tiny Model S requires only three hours for a full charge, but provides three times the play per day.

For charging, you have to plug-in the tiny Model S, exactly like you would plug-in a full-size Tesla.

If you have two batteries (a spare battery beside the one already in the vehicle) for your tiny Model S, you can use it to replace the depleted battery.

The depleted battery will require only three hours to be fully charged, and this means that you can play with the tiny Model S all day long.

Your kid can live the ultimate Tesla experience, using the tiny version of a full-size Tesla Model S.

The car has two settings.

1. A top speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) for beginners.

2. A top speed of 6 mph (10 km/h) for advanced drivers.

Is the Tiny Tesla Model S Suited For Your Kid?

I know that even simple bike can run much faster than this Tesla Model S for kids, but let’s not forget that the tiny Tesla Model S is created for small children (between the age of three and eight years).

A bike can come at the age of eight, I mean a bike without training wheels.

However, for small children (under the age of eight), a tiny Model S can be a dream toy.

Once they start using the tiny Tesla, they will quickly get used with electric car, and this way they will be prepared for the clean future that will follow, where people will no longer pollute the environment.

The mini Tesla S provides personalized vanity plates and mini indoor car covers.

The price is $499, so it’s not cheap, but giving the fact that Tesla Motors will soon start the production of the Model 3, we may see that Radio Flyer can create a mini Model 3 that will be more affordable than the mini Model S.


Are you ready to buy the mini Tesla Model S for your kid? or you rather prefer to wait another year to see if the mini Model 3 becomes available?

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