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Biomass energy is another form of renewable power that uses wood and plant waste, animal and human organic waste, energy crops and trash to generate low-carbon energy and heat.

Examples of Biofuels

Biofuel Definition And Examples

Biofuels are considered a green alternative to fossil fuels because they are produced from recently living organisms, and not from organisms that lived millions of years ago. What Is Biofuel?…
Race car running on E15

What is Ethanol Used For Today?

Ethanol is considered today a high-tech biofuel used in race cars and dragsters to increase their performance or as a gasoline additive to lower emissions and slightly improve the performance…
Sunflower seeds

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biodiesel Fuel

Mankind is moving towards cleaner sources of energy in order to reduce our impact on the environment. One of the alternative fuels used to replace the conventional diesel fuel used…
Biomethane plant

Modern Pros and Cons of Biogas

Natural gas is a limited resource on our planet, but biogas can be produced from any form of organic waste. This means that until we have people, animals and plants…
Pyramid of biomass

What is a Pyramid of Biomass?

To understand the pyramids of biomass we first need to explain what is biomass, what is a food chain and what are trophic levels. What is Biomass? Biomass can be…
trees are very important for the environment

What is a Tree Survey?

Trees are one of the most precious and valuable natural resources we have on earth. Conservation of trees has become a major priority for both people, organizations, and the government.…
Wood is the main source of biomass

Examples of Biomass Energy

Biomass is esential for mankind because for thousands of years, this natural resource represented the main source of energy for our civilization. In the twentieth century, fossil fuels such as…
Corn for ethanol

Popular Sources Of Biofuels

As the world seeks more and more ways to create eco-friendly energy sources, biofuels seem to be one of the best answers. Over the last few years, biofuels have been…
Harvesting hemp

How Can Industrial Hemp Reduce Plastic Pollution

The industrial pollution produced by our civilization managed to drown us in plastics that invaded the oceans and also the landfills. Many of us are trying to recycle plastics and…
Seasoning wood chips

Biomass As Fuel Source

Biomass fuels are part of the carbon cycle on our planet and they have become more and more popular lately, mostly because mankind is trying to reduce its impact on…
Biomass as a renewable resource

Is Biomass Energy Renewable?

Biomass energy is considered today one of the alternative energy sources that could help mankind reduce its dependence on fossil fuels for a cleaner environment. Being an alternative to fossil…
Canola for biodiesel production

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biofuels

Biofuels are considered today a green alternative to mineral fuels produced from crude oil and used on a mass scale in the transportation sector. Let's see what are the advantages…
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