News about renewable energy and electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular every year because our society moves slowly towards a future where electric cars will dominate the car market.

Long trips with a Tesla
Electric Vehicles

How to Plan a Road Trip With a Tesla?

The world is changing pretty fast. Just a decade ago, we didn't have an electric car that could be freely used for a road trip. The infrastructure wasn't ready yet,…
Using an e-bike to travel in the city
Electric Vehicles

How Much Electric Bike Energy Is Recovered Through Regenerative Braking?

Ever since Toyota launched its first Prius (more than two decades ago), the idea of regenerative braking has steadily grown in application to enhance the range of electric and hybrid…
Escooters to become legal in the UK
Electric Vehicles

Electric Scooters – A Green Solution For Urban Mobility

Today's cities suffer the most due to the very large number of vehicles with internal combustion engines on the road producing a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions that affect…
Tesla Cybertruck
Electric Vehicles

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

Elon Musk (Tesla's CEO), recently unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck, which seems to look more like a truck from the future where robots are leading the planet, and the curved lines…
2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid
Electric Vehicles

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular among drivers these days mostly because they represent newer and greener technology which is part of the clean future that…
All American EVs
Electric Vehicles

All American EVs Can Lead The Sustainable Charge

Electric vehicles are often the domain of small, prototype companies, such as Tesla that wants to create affordable EVs for the masses to turn the transportation sector into one that…
Electric Scooters
Electric Vehicles

Electric Scooters – The New Trend for Commuters

Today, commuters have the chance to no longer use their cars to travel to work, because the new trend is to rely on an electric scooter, which can take you…
Electric Vehicles

The Booming Industry Of E-Vehicles

In years gone by, the idea of having many electric vehicles on our roads has been considered a sci-fi dream. However, as technology becomes more advanced, more and more people…
self-driving cars without pedals and steering wheel
Electric Vehicles

Driving Cars That Will Be Part Of The Sustainable Future

The world is turning ever increasing focus on the idea of sustainability as traditional sources of power are almost depleted. A sustainable future – where we use renewable energy and…
Tesla Model 3
Electric Vehicles

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are considered today the future of the transportation sector because the vehicles with internal combustion engines are no longer a viable solution for mankind due to the fact…
Google's self-driving concept
Electric Vehicles

Self-Driving Cars Pros and Cons

Driverless cars are considered today a game changer in terms of transportation because they could reduce the number of road crashes produced by human error, and they could also reduce…
Electric golf carts
Electric Vehicles

How To Research The Best Battery Chargers For Your Golf Cart

How many times have you found yourself in the following scenario when you prepare to head on to your golf course, and you plug-in your cart to charge overnight, but…
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