News about renewable energy and electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular every year because our society moves slowly towards a future where electric cars will dominate the car market.

Electric Vehicles

Future Of Carpooling With Driverless Vehicles

It is interesting to think of riding to work with your colleagues or neighbors in an autonomous car today. The car just appears on your door with no steering wheel…
Ford's driverless vehicles
Electric Vehicles

Ford’s Plans for Driverless Vehicles

As the first brand ever to bulk develop and construct an SAE Level 4 capable vehicle, Ford will be the brand to advance the world into the new millennium of…
Lightyear One the electric car powered by the Sun
Electric Vehicles

Solar Powered Cars 2019 – 2020

Solar powered cars are ready to become family cars at the beginning of the year 2019. Mankind has been trying for several decades to build an electric car (zero emissions…
self-driving cars without pedals and steering wheel
Electric Vehicles

Driverless Cars Pros And Cons

Many people consider today that the self-driving vehicles could be the answer to reduce the number of road accidents and eliminate traffic jams especially in the major cities of the…
Nissan Leaf
Electric Vehicles

Top 5 Affordable Electric Cars in 2016

Electric cars have become more attractive this year because more and more people start to realize that these green vehicles have a reduced consumption of energy and they're also protecting…
Tsla model S for kids
Electric Vehicles

Tesla Model S For Children

If you can't buy a Tesla Model S for yourself, maybe you can buy a smaller Tesla Model S for your kid, which can help him or her understand how…
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