News about renewable energy and electric vehicles

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In this section you will find resources on how to make your home more energy efficient and how to lower your energy bills.

comparison between LED, CFL and conventional light bulbs
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What to choose? CFL or LED light bulbs?

In a previous article called 'A new way to reduce electricity bills' I talked about the necessity of changing all the regular light bulbs with the new technology which uses…
Trees in the forest
How to

How to Become a Green Person?

I'm sure that many of you have already heard about green living and you like the idea, but you don't really know what this mean and how to become a…
Choosing the utility provider
How to

How to Choose Your Electricity Provider?

Have you moved recently into a new home and you've just signed a new deal with a different utility company? or maybe you've just changed your electricity provider with a…
modern electric radiator
How to

How to Save Energy Using Smart Electric Radiators

If you keep your house warm with the help of a central heating system, and you think that this is the only cheap possibility of doing this, maybe you are…
Building your own solar PV system
How to

How to Build Your Own Solar Energy System at Home

If you decide to reduce your energy bills by producing green energy, the best way to follow is to build your own solar system at home. Using a Solar Kit…
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