News about renewable energy and electric vehicles

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In this section you will find resources on how to make your home more energy efficient and how to lower your energy bills.

High-speed rail equipment with minimal environmental impact
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6 Reasons to Use High-Speed Rail Equipment to Reduce Environmental Impact

As we become more conscious of the environmental impact our daily actions have, it's important to explore innovative solutions that can help reduce our individual and collective footprint. Unfortunately, there's…
Learn how to properly dispose waste
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How To Build A Safe And Sustainable Worksite

As a company, do you often have projects in remote areas? Are there workers who fulfil their responsibilities in the field quite often? If yes, a worksite is a must-have…
Sustainable Practices For Household Energy Consumption
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7 Sustainable Practices For Household Energy Consumption

These days, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability, so they look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. One of the most important things…
Waste significantly worsens the quality of life of the inhabitants of poorer countries.
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The world is drowning in e-waste, but there is a way out

With the rapid development of the technology industry, manufacturers are constantly motivating people to buy the latest, most advanced devices of all kinds. As a result, many people buy a…
Carbon Credit
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How Much Is A Carbon Credit Worth?

Studies show that organizations and businesses are accountable for more than half of global carbon emissions. Even so, it would be counterproductive to ban business operations completely. Doing so would…
The water you drink daily must be clean
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Drinking Water Violation: Here’s What You Need To Know

Safe drinking water and sanitation is a human right and must be exercised appropriately. However, statistics indicate an entirely different situation. A recent study reported that between the years 1982…
Ways to make your home more energy efficient
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How Does Energy Efficiency Work?

In general, energy efficiency is about using less energy to do the same thing. For example, a more energy-efficient refrigerator uses less electricity than a less efficient model. Energy efficiency…
Fixing your car in a sutainable way
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How to Sustainably Resolve Car Trouble

Some people own more than one car, but something strange is that they tend to be clueless in resolving car problems. Such individuals have less interest in troubleshooting automotive issues.…
AC current explained
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AC Generators and Their Application in Everyday Life

AC current and AC generators have been around for a long time now and yet there are still people who don't know the purpose or how they are used in…
Getting a job in the renewable energy sector
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How to Make A Career in Renewable Energy?

Nowadays, making a career in the renewable energy sector is more popular than ever, because our society is trying to ditch fossil fuels and invest massively in energy sources that…
How to fight against climate change
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How to Stop Climate Change and What’s Working Now

The unfortunate reality is that our planet is warming, and we're to blame. The NOAA has recorded some troubling data that suggests the average rate of increase has been 0.32°F…
Ways to make your business sustainable
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Future-Proofing Your Business: 6 Sustainability Steps To Take

Future-proofing is critical for businesses of all sizes and types, and one of the most important ways to prepare for the future is by making your business sustainable. This means…
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