News about renewable energy and electric vehicles

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In this section you will find resources on how to make your home more energy efficient and how to lower your energy bills.

Las Vegas casinos have become more interested to protect the environment
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How Las Vegas Casinos Are Embracing Environmental Issues

If there is one thing that Las Vegas is known for, it is the aura of excess that comes with an economy that is built so heavily on casinos and…
Sustainability in business
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Why Sustainability Reporting is Important for New Businesses

Over the last three decades, the momentum for sustainability reporting has been increasing. Now, it is becoming the defining platform for both private and public organizations. As a new business,…
Eco-friendly foods
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6 Tips On How To Make An Eco-Friendly Product

An eco-friendly product is something that has a low impact on the environment while maintaining a high quality for its users. Many products have been shown to be harmful to…
The best practices to manage waste
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4 Sustainable Practices For Better Waste Management

Nowadays, the global temperature is rising, water levels across the world are rapidly increasing, polar ice caps are melting, and many animals are becoming endangered due to a lack of…
Eco-Friendly Home Renovations
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Green Flowing In: Eco-Friendly Home Renovations for Would-Be House Flippers

Not to be gauche, but the only green that most people in the real estate market seem to care about is how much money they can shove in their pockets…
Solar panels to green your vacation rental business
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Eco-Friendly Home Renovations You Can Add To Your Vacation Rental

It is no secret that the world's climate is rapidly changing, and our carbon footprint has led to severe environmental issues throughout the planet. With the rise of pollution and…
Businesses going green in 2022
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Corporations With Conscience: 4 Ways Businesses Are Going Green

In the past several years, the need for people to do more when it comes to saving the environment has been more than obvious. There are television commercials about the…
Green plants can reduce global emissions
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How Can Nutritional Changes Affect Earth’s Energy Sources?

Changes in our diets could affect the Earth's energy sources. As the world's population continues to grow, surpassing 9 billion people by 2050, there will be an increasing need for…
Smart technology can help homeowners save energy and money
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How To Use Smart Technology To Create A More Energy-Efficient Home

For many people, energy efficiency can be an essential aspect to consider when buying or building a home. When your dwelling is energy-efficient, you can maximize your cash savings and…
Tiny homes use space more efficiently
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The Essential Tools You Need To Build A Tiny House

Tiny houses are an alternative form of housing that is growing in popularity. Typically, these are homes that offer a space of about 40 square meters or less, and are…
Water heater issues are quite common
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The Most Common Water Heater Issues And How To Fix Them

Water heaters are a common appliance in people's homes. They are used to heat water for sinks, showers, and washing dishes. The most common issue with a water heater is…
A dust mask is a common PPE
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What PPE Do You Need For Car Repair?

The events of the last few years have seen an unanticipated increase in the number of car drivers learning to maintain their vehicle themselves. A cross between an inability to…
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