News about renewable energy and electric vehicles


This section contains news about other forms of energy such as hydrogen power, fuel cells, nuclear energy, energy produced by fossil fuels, but also news related to environment.

Sustainable construction

The Role Of Chemical Solutions For Construction In Achieving Sustainability Goals

Ever driven past a towering skyscraper and wondered about its environmental impact? The construction industry leaves a big footprint. But there's good news. Chemical solutions are emerging as game-changers in…
Air source heat pump units installed in front of the house

Pros and Cons of Air Source Heat Pumps

In recent years, air source heat pumps (ASHPs) have gained popularity as an energy-efficient alternative for heating and cooling homes. These systems extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer…
Sustainable Steel Construction for a Green Future

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs) and Hollow Structural Sections (HSS): Pioneering Sustainable Steel Construction for a Green Future

Author: Holly Schaubert, PE Introduction As the global construction industry gravitates towards sustainable building practices, the spotlight on environmentally conscious material choices intensifies. This article centers on the role of…
Air pollution caused by factories

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Pollution

Air pollution, a pervasive environmental issue, has both advantages and disadvantages, albeit in a rather counterintuitive sense. While the negative impacts of air pollution on human health and the environment…
Air pollution generated by industry

Pros and Cons of Air Pollution

Air pollution is a critical global issue with widespread implications for the environment, public health, and economies. While the term "pros" in the context of air pollution might sound counterintuitive,…
Fayette Coal Power Plant in Texas

How Do Coal Power Plants Work? Unveiling the Mechanics of Conventional Electricity Generation

Coal power plants have played a pivotal role in supplying electricity for decades. These massive facilities are engineering marvels, converting the energy stored in coal into electricity that powers our…
Biofuels and conventional fossil fuels both available at the pump

Biofuels vs. Fossil Fuels: A Roadmap to a Sustainable Energy Future

In the quest for sustainable energy sources, the tug-of-war between biofuels and fossil fuels has taken center stage. These two categories of fuels represent opposing approaches to meeting the world's…
Biodiesel vs diesel

Biodiesel vs. Diesel: Navigating the Fuel Frontier

In the ever-evolving landscape of alternative fuels, the showdown between biodiesel and traditional diesel has gained prominence. These two fuels represent distinct paths in the quest for cleaner and more…
Natural gas flares pollute the environment day and night

Why Do Natural Gas Wells Have Flares? Unveiling the Purpose and Environmental Impacts

Natural gas, a vital component of the world's energy mix, is extracted from deep within the Earth's crust through a network of wells and pipelines. If you've ever driven past…
Green island surrounded by oil

Why Do Oil Spills Happen? Unraveling the Causes and Consequences

Oil spills are environmental disasters that capture the world's attention when they occur. Images of oil-soaked wildlife, polluted shorelines, and the long-term ecological damage leave a lasting impact. But what…
GMO crops can withstand severe drought

The Pros and Cons of GMO Foods: A Comprehensive Examination

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, have been a topic of significant debate and discussion in the world of agriculture, food production, and consumer choice. These organisms have been engineered to…
Today, Christians face persecution in 13 African nations.

Understanding the Root Causes of Modern Christian Persecution

According to a July 2023 report published by Aid to the Church in Need, a non-profit organization dedicated to pontifical causes around the world, Christian faithful currently face persecution in…
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