News about renewable energy and electric vehicles


This section contains news about other forms of energy such as hydrogen power, fuel cells, nuclear energy, energy produced by fossil fuels, but also news related to environment.

Water pollution is all around us

Water Pollution: Causes and Effects on Our Environment

Water is an essential resource for all living organisms, playing a vital role in sustaining life on planet Earth. However, the increasing levels of water pollution have become a significant…
The Sun is a great source of radiant energy

Radiant Energy Explained

Radiant energy is a type of energy emitted under the form of electromagnetic waves. It is a form of energy that is present all around us and is produced by…
Energy drinks are very popular today among athletes and young people

Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a popular beverage choice for people looking for a quick burst of energy and increased alertness. These drinks contain caffeine, taurine, and other stimulating ingredients that help…
Video game controllers use momentary switches

Types of Electrical Switches Used in Everyday Life

Electrical switches are used every day in order to control electronics and electrical devices. Switches allow us to submit input as to how those devices function, often to turn them…
Aboveground fuel tanks

Aboveground Storage Tanks vs Underground Storage Tanks

In the fuel storage industry, we have retail fueling and also commercial fueling. When we talk about retail fueling, we have underground storage tanks (UST), but for commercial fueling, we…
Cloud computing

What Are the Benefits of Cloud to Cloud Migration?

When it comes to cloud services and solutions, there are many businesses that have become reliant on these over recent years. With most businesses now storing the majority of data…
Air pollution in cities

Disadvantages of Air Pollution

Air pollution consists mainly of toxic chemicals and other harmful particles and is considered a major problem on the planet because it affects both our health and the environment. This…
Student writting an essay

The Advantages of Learning an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is one of the most common tasks that students get. Check the key things that you learn in the process of work! 7 Things You Can…
Stationary fuel storage tanks

Advantages of Large Portable Fuel Tanks

For on-site fueling and auxiliary fuel supply we use today stationary or transportable double-wall fuel storage tanks. Using large portable fuel tanks we get an efficient and modern solution for…
Buy your dream house in Indianapolis

How to Fit in With the Locals in Indianapolis

Indianapolis gets a lot of visitors every year, and I mean a lot. Hardly surprising, considering it's the Racing Capital of the World and the site of the NCAA Headquarters.…
LNG carrier

Natural Gas Benefits and Drawbacks

Despite the fact that natural gas is a fossil fuel, we need this low-carbon source of power and heat to make the transition from dirty fossil fuels like coal and…
New record in nuclear fusion 2021

Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear Fission

Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission are two nuclear reactions based on chemical and physical processes that produce energy from atoms. What is Nuclear Fission? Nuclear fission is the nuclear reaction…
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