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This section contains news about other forms of energy such as hydrogen power, fuel cells, nuclear energy, energy produced by fossil fuels, but also news related to environment.

Cargo hatch cover

Cargo Hatch Covers – An Important Part for Determining a Cargo’s Worth

A cargo ship has many cargo spaces where it stores the cargo. All cargo spaces have sturdy and heavy lids, called hatch covers to cover storage spaces. Proper protection of…
Petroleum rig

What Is Petroleum Used For Today?

Petroleum or crude oil is a fossil fuel in liquid form that was formed from the remains of dead sea creatures that settled on the bottom of the seas and…
Iphone made of aluminum

Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal that offers a ton of benefits. Mechanically, chemically, and physically, aluminum is a metal that is the same as titanium, lead, zinc, copper, brass, and steel.…
voltage variations

Voltage Variations on Different Types of Equipment

Voltage stabilizers protect electrical equipment and machinery from voltage variations. A voltage stabilizer accepts a wide range of input voltage but maintains a stable output voltage. Voltage variations are common…
used generator

Red Flags to Look For When Buying a Used Generator

Many people are reluctant to purchase used generators because they fear the fact that they can end up with a broken machine due to its intense use in the past.…
gas station

What Does The Future Hold For Gas Stations?

Gas stations have been a huge source of wealth for their owners as long as they have existed. That being said though, things have started to change in the last…
sever drought caused by climate change

Environmental Engineering: How To Control Climate Change?

As the planet is currently in a pretty bad shape, environmental engineering is in place to at least improve its condition. This branch of engineering has evolved over time by…
Learn about sustainable fishing

What is Sustainable Fishing and Sustainable Seafood?

Mankind consumes a huge amount of fish every day, and because the number of people on the planet continues to rise, the natural resources of the planet such as fresh…
Petroleum pump

Pros And Cons Of Petroleum

Among all fossil fuels used today on the planet, petroleum is the main component for a large number of products that are manufactured and used by several industrial sectors such…
Earth Day image

7 Earth Day Games and Activities for Kids

As you may know, Earth day is fast approaching. If you check your calendars, you'll find that it's set to take place on the 22nd of April, in a world…
Air to air heat pump

Everything You Need To Know About Air To Air Heat Pumps

In recent years, the use of renewable energy sources has been in the spotlight of the world community. Inventors and scientists have been working together to come up with greener…
Magnetic safety stirrups

The Newest Equestrian Tech Available On The Market Today

Both kids and adults that have shown at least once in their life the desire to ride a horse, have now the chance to ride a horse in very safe…
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