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This section contains news about other forms of energy such as hydrogen power, fuel cells, nuclear energy, energy produced by fossil fuels, but also news related to environment.

Waste management

15 Pros and Cons of Landfills

Landfills are always a topic for heated debates with eco-warriors and your neighbors alike. People have long been told the downfalls of trash, how landfills are ruining the world and…
A 275 gallon steel tank

Heating Your Home With Oil

Heating oil is a good solution to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter if natural gas or a heat pump are not viable options in your area.…
Burning waste

Pros and Cons of Waste Incineration

Waste incineration is the process of burning waste materials, produced by people in homes, schools, factories, stores and hospitals. What is Waste Incineration? The waste that can't be recycled goes…
Natural gas processing

What Are Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)?

Natural gas liquids or simply NGLs are used today in almost all sectors of the economy, and a small share of the production (about 10%) is exported. Natural Gas Liquids…
Dual-fuel heat pump

How Can Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps Warm Up Homes During the Winter

The US residential sector used 17 percent of the total natural gas consumption in the country last year (2018). Households utilize natural gas to provide heat to their properties, fuel…
Oil well

What Are Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels still represent today the main source of electricity and heat that powers our civilization, despite the fact that we are aware of the damage done to the environment…
Natural gas for cooking

Natural Gas Uses In The 21st Century

Natural gas is used in many applications today, from cooking and residential heating in plastics manufacturing, energy generation and as fuel for low-carbon vehicles. What is Natural Gas? Being a…
propane tank

Propane vs Natural Gas – What to Choose for Your Home?

Propane and natural gas are the most common fuels used today for residential heating and power appliances across the United States. Of course, today we have a wide range of…
Fossil fuels are both good and bad

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels represent even today the main source of electricity in the energy mix of the U.S. mostly due to the fact that the renewable energy sources such as solar…
nuclear power

Nuclear Energy Can Reduce Air Pollution On Planet Earth?

We already know that nuclear power plants do not produce carbon emissions while generating energy because the heat produced during the nuclear fission reaction of uranium-235 is only used to…
A permanent magnet alternator

DC Generators and their Applications in the Everyday Life

DC Generators are used today in many home and industrial applications and they represent an evolution from the traditional induction alternators. What is a DC generator? DC generators use a…
extracting natural gas

Is Natural Gas The Future for Greener Energy?

America used around 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas last year, amounting to 31% of the country's total energy consumption. Natural gas contains mostly methane, which can be collected…
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