News about renewable energy and electric vehicles

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is obtained from clean and endless sources of clean power such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, geothermal heat and others.

LED light bulbs by Panasonic
Renewable energy

Top 20 Renewable Energy Companies in 2016

We have made a selection of the first 20 companies in the world in 2016 after the revenues generated from different types of alternative energy. Published a few days ago,…
KaliPak portable clean generator
Renewable energy

KaliPak the Portable Renewable Energy Device

Solar power is a very important asset in the global battle to reduce carbon emissions and stop climate change. Being such an important asset we need to work to find…
Tin selenide ore
Renewable energy

Tin Selenide: A Material That Converts Heat Into Electricity

Scientists at Northwestern University have discovered a very interesting material known to be the number one in the world at waste heat conversion into electricity. This useful property can be…
LED lights in your room
Renewable energy

The Difference Between LED Lights and Normal Lights

Nowadays, we have the chance to see a wide range of eco-friendly items being produced every year, and this has actually lead to a large number of markets and producers…
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