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Wind power

Wind power is a form of clean energy produced by small or large wind turbines that start to spin due to the presence of the wind.

floating wind turbines
Wind power

A Future Offshore Wind Farm in Southern Oregon Raises Concerns

Throughout the history of the Earth, the environment as we know it, has been always affected by the human activity here on the planet. There are many implications when altering…
Onshore wind turbines
Wind power

What Are Wind Turbines? |

Mankind is trying today to cut carbon emissions in every way possible to reduce the effects of climate change on the planet, and wind energy seems to be a main…
Wind power in the United States
Wind power

Building Infrastructure For USA’s Big Wind Power Appetite

The concept of renewable energies being the norm rather than the exception to the rule is starting to take shape in the United States. Research results published by Pew in…
Wind turbines in the sky
Wind power

Wind Power Definition |

Wind energy is the renewable energy source that increased its generation capacity in the United States every year over the past decade. In terms of generation capacity, wind power is…
wind energy is part of the future
Wind power

Pros and Cons of Wind Power |

Wind power has the potential to replace at least one major fossil fuel used today on a mass scale for energy generation in the United States, but in order to…
Wind power plant
Wind power

Wind Energy Definition |

To define wind energy we need to start by going back to ancient times when mankind used the power of the wind to navigate on the sea, grind grain, pump…
Wind Power in the U.S.
Wind power

Is Wind Energy Renewable? |

Wind power can be considered today a renewable energy source? or is only another form of non-renewable energy like fossil fuels, which are limited resources and are responsible for the…
Onshore wind farm
Wind power

Wind Energy Facts |

Wind energy represents today a great source of renewable and clean power that can be harvested day and night by turning the kinetic energy of the wind into clean electricity…
Onshore Wind Farm
Wind power

Wind Farms Definition |

Wind farms consist today in a group of large wind turbines installed in an area where the wind has enough potential to generate electricity day and night. Wind farms can…
Large offshore wind turbine
Wind power

How Do Wind Turbines Work? |

How is wind energy produced? How do wind turbines generate electricity? What are the uses of wind energy today? to all these questions we have the proper answer that can…
Wind power - one of the main energy sources of the planet.
Wind power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Wind power has become lately the fastest-growing renewable energy source in the world (exceeding solar energy) because it offers many more advantages than disadvantages. What is Wind Power Today? Wind…
wind energy facts
Wind power

40 Wind Energy And Wind Turbine Facts

The power of the wind is harnessed by mankind for thousands of years and was first used for transportation (on sea and land), for agriculture, and lately, to produce clean…
Large onshore wind turbine
Wind power

18 Pros And Cons Of Wind Energy |

Wind energy has become today the second-fastest growing source of clean electricity on the planet (after solar energy). Wind energy is produced using the kinetic force of the wind that…
Dutch windmill
Wind power

How Do Windmills Work? |

The image of a rotating windmill has remained deeply embedded in our minds since childhood because we've already saw these amazing engineering masterpieces featured in cartoons, movies and even in…
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