China fights Air pollution by promoting the Electric Cars

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China has its own answer to every electric vehicle built in the U.S. or Europe.

While Donald Trump is preparing to revive the coal sector in the U.S. and is ready to remove the country from the Paris climate agreement, China starts to take serious steps toward reducing the level of air pollution in the country by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles.

The first step to reduce air pollution refers to the green transportation sector that will receive a massive subsidy scheme in order to promote the use of the green vehicles instead of the cars that are burning fossil fuels.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China, announced Tuesday (February 15, 2017), that a number of 207 green vehicles have applied for official approval for road use along with a number of more than 3,000 traditional combustion engine models.

The ministry will consider all the applications, and will release a final list of the models that are approved for manufacturing, sale and registration, but only after a period of public comment.

The final approval usually includes a separate list of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that are eligible for subsidies and the 207 models that recently applied might be included on that list.

Under the new regime that requires all the companies to reapply for subsidies for each vehicle model, the sales of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have plunged 74.4% in January, but once the companies will receive the new approvals, the sales will grow again, mostly due to the massive financial help provided by the government.

It is true that the new regime that requires all the companies to reapply for subsidies for each vehicle model, has been generated by the large number of companies that have been penalized by the government for cheating the subsidies program in 2016.

However, the new regime will provide a more transparent image of the companies that require approval for subsidies, and this way, the money will mostly go to the people and companies that truly want to replace their old polluting vehicles with green cars.

Danny Ovy

Danny Ovy

I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars.

Danny Ovy
Danny Ovy
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