Climeworks aims to capture 1% of global carbon emissions in 2025

Climeworks is building large CO2 collectors to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Climeworks is a company based in Zürich, Switzerland, and is specialized in technology that can capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

Climeworks is the first company in the world that commercially captures CO2 from the air.

The technology behind the CO2 collectors is based on a cyclic called absorption/desorption process, but the most important piece in the technology consists in a special filter material that specifically captures the CO2 from the air when enters in contact with it.

The CO2 collectors are able this way to produce high quality CO2 from the surrounding air in only one step.

The captured CO2 is then sold on the market and used in the food and beverage industry, to produce synthetic renewable fuels and materials, or is stored underground to produce negative emissions, and reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The company is producing commercial plants of different sizes, from 50 tons of CO2 per year and up to 1 million tons of CO2 per year.

Climeworks is building the first commercial CO2 collector in the world.

The collector is the first to capture CO2 from the surrounding air, and will deliver the pure CO2 to its customers.

The CO2 collector will be located right next to a greenhouse near Zürich, and the captured CO2 will be delivered to the greenhouse operator for fertilizing the plants.

The CO2 collector is also located near a waste incineration plant that is producing the electricity and the heat required by the CO2 collector to run.

The plant will deliver 900 tons of CO2 per year to the greenhouse, which is expected to increase the crop yield by 20 to 30%.

The company started from the capturing of a very small quantity of CO2 up to 900 tons per year with the new CO2 collector built near Zürich, and aims to capture 1% of the global carbon emissions in 2025.

To achieve their goal, the company needs to install a number of 750,000 shipping containers filled with CO2 collectors, which is the equivalent with the number of shipping containers passing the Shanghai harbour in about two weeks.

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