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Corporations With Conscience: 4 Ways Businesses Are Going Green

Businesses going green in 2022

In the past several years, the need for people to do more when it comes to saving the environment has been more than obvious. There are television commercials about the need to save the environment, options to buy recyclable bags for grocery shopping, and cities even offer residents different ways to recycle trash.

Due to all the interest in helping to save the environment, it’s no wonder that businesses have also jumped on the bandwagon and are doing their part to save the planet. Here are four ways businesses are going green.

Reduction in the Amount of Paper Used

One thing that more businesses are doing to save the environment is cutting back on the amount of paper that they use. Because many businesses are able to operate in virtual workspaces and environments, there simply isn’t the need for paper that there was a couple of decades ago.

It’s been estimated that when an office goes paperless, about 50 trees a year are saved as a result. And since trees are a major contributor to the planet’s oxygen supply, saving trees produces a greater supply of oxygen and a cleaner air supply. Another benefit of using less paper is that workspaces are less cluttered and more organized.

Decrease in Carbon Emissions

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in millions of employees working from home and keeping their cars off the road.

And although some industries still require assets like work trucks and in-person workers, many offices have allowed their employees to work from home due to the fight against COVID and variants. Incidentally, many employees have found that they enjoy working from home and in many cases can be more efficient there.

Although decreased carbon emissions may not have been the intent of businesses, allowing employees to work from home has resulted in fewer emissions from gasoline-dependent cars. Fewer cars and other vehicles on the road mean less pollution in the air in the form of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

Reduction in Energy Costs

It’s true that more people working from home is helping to reduce energy consumption, but even before the arrival of the coronavirus, companies had begun to implement measures to curtail their energy consumption. For example, some companies have for years used energy-efficient bulbs and have installed motion-sensor lights that come on when people enter rooms and turn off when they leave.

Lower energy costs are not only good for the company’s bottom line, but reduced energy use is also good for the environment. Much of the energy in the United States is produced by coal, which is processed in pollution-spewing coal plants. Pollution-free alternatives to using coal to generate electricity include using solar energy and wind energy.

Increase in Recycling Efforts

Companies are also going green by placing a greater emphasis on recycling and using recycled products. This may amount to something as small as a company getting rid of plastic cups and utensils to something as impactful as a company choosing to use recyclable packaging. Some companies also provide an array of recycling bins for their employees.

Similar to other green efforts, companies have found that recycling can help them save money. One aspect that contributes to companies saving money is that employees simply don’t waste as much. Less waste means lower disposal costs. The goal for some companies has become a zero-waste environment where all supplies are either recycled, reused, or composted.

Final thought

People have become more conscious of the need to care for the environment and the role that they play in reducing pollution. As a result, companies too have become greener in attempts to save the planet.

Some of the things businesses are doing to help the environment are reducing the amount of paper they use, allowing employees to work from home, reducing energy costs, and recycling and reusing products. Because companies can play a large role in contributing to pollution, it’s good to see that they’re doing their part to reduce it.

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