Daimler plans to accelerate its electric car program

Daimler electric

Daimler plans to bring 10 new electric cars on the market by 2022.

Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, announced on Wednesday that they want to accelerate their electric car program.

The announcement comes after another announcement made by the company, in which they admitted that they failed to cut fleet emissions in Europe for the first time after the year 2007.

Daimler decided to make its emissions figures public for their customers, especially for those with an increasing preference for the sports utility vehicles (SUVs), which are known (the vehicles) to be more polluting than sedan cars.

The increased demand for sports utility vehicles (SUVs), hampers the efforts of any car company to comply with the European target, which says that any new car needs to produce no more than 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer by the year 2020.

Through the voice of Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler, the company announced that Mercedes-Benz will bring more than 10 new electric cars on the market by 2022, due to an investment of €10 million ($10.8 million).

By the year 2020, Daimler company agreed to achieve an average fleet emissions level in Europe of 100 grams per kilometer for the Mercedes-Benz cars, including here its Smart brand.

In 2016, the average fuel emissions for the Mercedes-Benz cars remained at the level of 123 grams per kilometer, which is the same value reached in 2015, so no progress in terms of emissions reduction for the company.

This is the reason why the company failed to cut average pollution levels for its vehicles (for the first time since 2007), even if they’ve introduced more fuel efficient engines throughout the range.

Due to the fact that the sales trend continues to be positive in March, the company stated that they expect record sales for the first quarter of this year (2017).

It seems that Daimler gets more customers in 2017 even if the company failed to cut its fleet emissions in Europe in 2016, which shows that their vehicles still remain a very desired brand in the eyes of the buyers.

However, the fact that Daimler wants to bring at least 10 more new cars on the electric car market by 2022, is very useful for us the customers because if the offer increases, the price of these green cars might decrease.

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