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Eco-Friendly Home Renovations You Can Add To Your Vacation Rental

Solar panels to green your vacation rental business

It is no secret that the world’s climate is rapidly changing, and our carbon footprint has led to severe environmental issues throughout the planet. With the rise of pollution and global warming, it’s more than evident that mankind has to make a change in order in its way to treat the environment to save the planet.

However, environmental sustainability has gained momentum as industries throughout the world look for new ways to incorporate eco-friendly business tactics to replace their outdated operations. Especially if you found yourself needing to borrow capital in order to invest in your properties, you’ll want to renovate your rental property in an eco-friendly way, as customers have also become more conscious of the environment and are looking for properties that match their green ethos.

If you are in the vacation rental business, you may be wondering how you can transform your vacation rental into an eco-friendly sanctuary to not only wow your guests but make a positive impact on the world.

Why Going Green Is Important

According to an article on, transforming your vacation rental into a green home can help lessen your carbon footprint and have a profound impact on pollution. An eco-friendly home can lead to fewer carbon emissions through efficient energy use and reduce the amount of trash in landfills with proper recycling tactics. At the same time, going green can decrease the impact of extracting finite resources by using green construction materials.

Saves Money

As a vacation rental owner going green will not just help the environment but can attract new business and even save you money on energy utility bills. At the same time, going green can increase the value of your vacation rental and attract new renters who are looking to stay in energy efficient homes.

So whether you are thinking about investing in a vacation rental or looking for a new, easy way to improve the value of your home, here are the top eco-friendly renovations and upgrades you can do today.

Switch To Energy Efficient Appliances

If you own a vacation rental with outdated appliances, odds are they are wasting a ton of energy and costing you a fortune in high energy bills. Consider replacing your old refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher with new, more efficient models. In addition, make sure you pay close attention to the instructions and display them clearly for your guests to see. For example, your washing machine may have specific eco-friendly settings that save water. If your guests are unaware of that option, they will most likely not use it.

Consider Solar Energy

While you may have to pay a high up front cost, switching to solar energy can save you a ton of money in the long run. Installing solar panels on your vacation rental will drastically lower your electricity bill, increase the value of your home, and above all, reduce your carbon footprint.

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Like solar energy, investing in smart home technology for your vacation rental could be costly upfront, but when you sit down and consider all the benefits it has to offer, it is worth it. Smartphone technology gives you the power to both monitor and control energy usage throughout your property.

From optimizing your cooling and heating systems to reducing energy bills and improving appliance efficiency, smart home technology can transform your vacation rental into an eco-friendly, sustainable property that your guests will love.

Build a Designated Recycling Area

While you can’t control your guests’ behavior, you can influence their actions. In order to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills, it is essential to recycle all reusable items. To influence your guests to recycle, consider building a designated recycling area with clearly labeled bins so they know which type of waste goes where. In addition, make sure you add recycling to your list of vacation house rules.

Consider Remodeling

If you are serious about transforming your vacation rental into a sustainable property, consider redesigning your home’s interior. Instead of using traditional materials for your renovations and decorations, consider using sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo, recycled glass, and reclaimed wood.

Go Green Today

While it may not be feasible to add each of these upgrades to your home at once, starting with one eco-friendly renovation can make all the difference. Turning your vacation into a green home will not only increase your bookings and save you money but will profoundly affect the environment.

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