Car parks and large buildings can become “Lungs of the city”

ENS air cleaning systems

ENS Technology – the Aufero systems.

Dutch researchers seem to have a great interest to develop technology that can clean the air that we breathe in our everyday life.

ENS Technology is a Dutch company based in Cuijk, Netherlands that wants to improve the life quality of the human population and the livestock in a sustainable way.

In a new project called “Lungs of the City”, the company wants to install air purification systems in underground car parks in order to greatly reduce the release the fine dust in the surrounding areas.

ENS Technology has already created an effective and energy-efficient air purification system called “the Aufero” that can remove the fine and ultrafine dust (PM10 and PM2.5) from car parks.

The system can clean the air inside the car park, but also a part of the surrounding area.

The system works like this: the polluted air enters the system absorbed by a fan, inside the system the air gets ionized, and this way the fine dust is also ionized and forced to settle on a collector surface.

On the collector surface, the fine dust is transformed into coarse dust, which won’t get inside our lungs.

The first tests included car parks located under shopping malls, and the air quality improved greatly with the help of the ENS units.

The Aufero systems were also used in busy road junctions, and the quality of the air has been improved significantly even there.

The company says that car parks and also the large buildings could become “the lungs” of the city with the help of the Aufero units.

Computer simulations made at Eindhoven University of Technology showed that several Aufero units placed inside a car park can produce a reduction in particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5) of approximately 70%.

The same particulate matter suffers a reduction of 50% in the surrounding area of the car park.

The effect of the cleaned air can be felt up to a distance of 0.6 miles (1 km) due to the fact that the wind can transport the clean air in the surrounding area.

ENS systems are superior to air filter systems because they can capture and retain the fine dust.

Luckily, ENS air purification systems are not limited to car parks, they can be used in many other places such as tunnels, train and bus stations, busy road junctions and viaducts.

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