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Environmental Engineering: How To Control Climate Change?

sever drought caused by climate change

As the planet is currently in a pretty bad shape, environmental engineering is in place to at least improve its condition. This branch of engineering has evolved over time by improving its processes.

Such evolution was triggered by the worsening conditions on our planet. With people’s irresponsibility and sheer neglect, environmental engineering becomes more and more complex.

It is a known fact that climate change is directly related to the environment’s current state. As engineers work tirelessly to minimize the adverse effects of pollution, climate change is in check. Several studies are in effect to ensure that climate change does not worsen.

What Are The Effects of Climate Change?

According to NASA, if climate change worsens, it can put the entire planet in a vulnerable state. Scientists are confident that global temperatures will steadily rise in decades to come. This unpleasant situation is mostly produced by the greenhouse gases relesead into the atmosphere by the daily human activities.

Droughts and Heat Waves

Summer temperatures are expected to increase in years and decades to come. It is expected that a massive heat wave is to happen every two or three years from now on, over the US and other vulnerable countries on the planet. As a result, soil moisture will be greatly affected, leading to severe drought.

As heatwaves and droughts worsen, the ability to produce food will be diminished by the lack of drinkable water required to grow crops. Dry and arid lands translate to farmers’ inability to grow the necessary crops for sustainability, and If climate change continues its destructive pattern, food shortages will certainly become a major issue for our civilization.

Stronger and deadlier weather conditions (hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones)

As the climate continues to get warmer, storm’s intensity is projected to increase. This is produced by the increased moisture created by the overheated oceans (Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans). Weather systems intensify as the oceans get warmer due to global warming.

The drastic change in the ocean temperature is a direct result of the ozone layer depletion and damage. As the Sun’s heat is not effectively filtered, the oceans get hit directly. The entire process becomes this way a vicious cycle.

Sea level is expected to rise by 2100

As such, low lying areas and island nations may be underwater in the following years. As global warming intensifies, Atlantic and Antarctic glaciers will slowly melt, and because these glaciers are very large, by melting, they will significantly rise the sea level.

This will lead to disaster for those living in countries like the Maldives and other tiny Pacific and Caribbean islands. As the ocean reclaims the land, many people will be left with no homes. This could even lead to countless deaths among people living in those areas.

How Can Environmental Engineering Help In Controlling Climate Change?

According to New Engineer, environmental engineering has a direct effect on controlling climate change. Engineers have developed several projects for solar cities over the years. These, alongside other massive energy-conserving projects, contribute to somehow lessen and control the greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental engineering also has given birth to different methods and processes dealing with manufacturing plants and factories. These factories are known sources of land, water and, air pollution.

Because of this, there were solvent abatement systems put in place to deal with solvent emissions. There are also other services such as press optimization and cooling and chilled water system optimization.

However, engineers may need to change their overall approach. More than ever, engineers need to work with experts from other fields and disciplines to prevent disasters before they happen. They need to be in partnership with experts in social sciences to further educate them on social, legal, and even political effects of their acts.

Environmental Engineering is foreseen to focus more on better implementation of water supply improvement. It is also expected to direct its attention to the growth of the sustainable energy sector, and overall adaptation to an ever-changing world.

As the demand to continuously make environmental engineering keep up with the times, Melbourne-based companies like Glotech is considered a frontrunner in the industry. The environmental engineers and consultants work tirelessly to improve the environmental conditions on the planet. However, everything remains useless if people don’t start the protect the environment themselves.

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