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Giant Sequoia Trees Could Be One of the Answers to Tackle Climate Change

Giant Sequoia Trees in California.

Giant Sequoia Trees in California.

Due to the increased levels of carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the climate is changing pretty rapidly and causes rising sea levels, melting snow and ice at the poles, heat waves during the summer, which leads to an increased number of fatalities, fires and drought, extreme tropical storms, an increased level of rainfalls and severe floods.

Of course that the above effects represent only a small part of the process that changes the climate conditions on planet Earth, another process is shaping a new landscape by changing flora and fauna.

In order to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, we can increase the number of renewable energy sources used around the world because they are producing energy without releasing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, and we can increase the number of forests because we know that green plants are large consumers of CO2, so they can reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

A large tree is consuming a remarkable quantity of CO2, so to be more effective, we need to plant forests of giant trees because only these towering wonders of nature can help us to reduce climate change effects.

Sequoiadendron giganteum known as Giant Sequoia is the largest tree on Earth, and in terms of CO2 consumption, it can do the same amount of CO2 during a year as a thousand small trees.

In figures, a mature Sequoia can consume 3.5 tons of CO2 during the year, so a forest of hundreds of giant trees could be more effective than a forest with normal trees.

A team of expert tree climbers have volunteered for an expedition sponsored by the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, to retrieve genetic samples of Sequoia.

Giant Sequoias are consuming large quantities of CO2, and they can survive to wildfires, droughts and even disease.

Jacob Milarch is the director of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, and stated that these 3,000 year old trees must have something special in their genetics if they can reduce the effects of climate change in the area they live.

Jim Clark is one of the climbers that are collecting the tips of young branches, which later will arrive at the Archangel’s Michigan Laboratory where will be planted in nutrient-rich containers.

All the samples are put beneath a purplish source of fluorescent light, and in an atmosphere with the proper level of humidity and temperatures specially created to encourage rooting.

Despite all these proper conditions, most of the samples won’t survive, but the ones that do produce roots, they will grow indoors for a few years, and after that they will be ready for planting in nature.

Todd Dawson, a professor of integrated biology at the University of California, Berkeley is one of the skeptics and considers that curbing the use of fossil fuels on the planet while protecting the vast rainforests could be a better answer to climate change.

Climate change is moving much faster today than before, so we need to find rapid solutions that can help us right now, not a in a few decades required by these giant trees to grow large.

However, there is no arguing over the idea of planting new trees and protecting the forest.

Later this year, the Archangel’s team has planned to plant a number of 1,000 saplings of Sequoia and redwood in a cool and damp region of Oregon, where the trees have the best conditions to grow.

Archangel stated that they have already cloned 170 species of plants and trees in their laboratory, and they planted about 300,000 clones around the world.

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