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Going Green in a Time of Change: Transitioning to Eco-Friendly Contracting

Solar Installations

Contractors today have a variety of options to consider when it comes to choosing a specialty or a niche to begin working in. But one niche that many contractors simply don’t consider is in the environmental sustainability space.

Today we live in changing times. No matter your political views, the science behind a warming atmosphere is clear. In fact, today we have the greatest scientific consensus in history–a staggering 97 percent or more of scientists worldwide agree that climate change is being exacerbated by anthropogenic causes.

As such, creating and implementing environmentally friendly practices has become critical to our future survival. And getting involved in building and installing these devices not only helps with sustainability but can also be a lucrative career path for the willing contractor.

If you’re looking to make an impact in the quest for sustainability, taking your contracting skills to the green space can prove to be a sound career decision.

Solar Installations

Passive solar arrays are becoming much more affordable. And as this technology continues to progress, more and more people are becoming interested in solar installations.

As a contractor, specializing in the installation of solar technology can be a great field to work in. Homeowners across the United States have begun to see the financial benefit of solar technology as this reduces energy consumption and energy cost.

But if you’re going to enter this field, you’re going to need to be well-trained in solar installations. Additionally, you’ll also need the right tools.

Not only will you need to be well-trained in electronics and have a working knowledge of construction methods, but you’ll also need a means for transporting this large and delicate equipment.

As such, having a flatbed truck is going to be a must. And if you don’t have one when first starting out, you can rent a flatbed truck to transport all of your materials to the job site.

Green Landscaping

If wiring and solar installations are a bit too advanced for you, you might consider looking into green landscaping techniques.

This is the art of using the land in the most efficient way possible and choosing elements that help to keep a property’s surrounding landscape in the most natural state.

Such techniques are the reintroduction of native plants and grasses for gardening and aesthetic purposes. And this also includes a complex understanding of biological control mechanisms.

Other forms of green landscaping can include using natural stone found on the landscape, using recyclable and natural compost, and modernizing any irrigation systems that may be needed on a property.

By understanding the fundamentals of green landscaping, your contracting options will be much more abundant, especially within eco-friendly neighborhoods and communities.

Off-Grid Living

Having a home that is completely self-sufficient is what off-grid living is all about. And this is becoming an attractive option for homebuyers who want to reduce their carbon footprints and sever the ties that bind them to dependency on the electrical grid.

A common off-grid home will need rainwater harvesting mechanisms such as a cistern system or an apparatus for harvesting rainwater for irrigation purposes such as French drainage. Additionally, off-grid homes commonly need winterized greenhouses, an area where any contractor with construction skills can be useful.

Food sources are also a huge part of off-grid living. As such, creating an outdoor garden for the regular growing season is typically a part of an off-grid property, and most of these gardens are quite large. Gardens of this size require meticulous planning, something that a landscaping or gardening contractor could easily help clients with.

With the need to drastically halt the direct causes of global climate change, scientists around the world are working tirelessly on solutions that will benefit humanity in the future. But the time to start making a difference is now.

Remember, you don’t have to believe in climate change for it to be real. And the science is clear. And if you have the skills to help promote a healthy planet, the help that you offer now will surely be appreciated by future generations.

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