Google to receive Wind Power from a Wind Farm located in Norway

Installing the first wind turbine at the Tellenes wind farm in Norway.

Alphabet Inc. is a parent company of Google that will receive wind power from Norway.

Tellenes wind farm is the name of the wind park that will produce clean energy for Google using a number of 50 large wind turbines generating a total output of 160 MW.

The wind park will become the largest wind farm in Norway, and the biggest wind farm used by Google in Europe.

Tellenes wind farm will use the first turbine installed to start generating wind power next week, but Google will not receive the initial output.

It seems that Google will not receive the first supply of clean energy generated by the wind farm, Google will start receiving electricity generated by the farm at some point in the near future, and only after the beginning of the commercial operations, stated Olav Rommetveit, a spokesman of the farm maker Zephyr.

In 2016, Google signed a 12-year deal to buy all the output generated by the Tellenes wind farm.

Google has four European data centers located in Ireland, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and the clean energy output of the wind farm will be used to supply green energy for one or several data centers of the company.

Rommetveit said further that the clean electricity generated by the wind farm before the commercial operations will be sold on the Nord Pool power exchange.

BlackRock is the company that provided the project’s equity financing, and confirmed the fact that the first turbine will become operational next week, but the power sales will start only a few days later.

Arise is the name of the Swedish wind power company that will operate the Tellenes wind farm.

Google has already bought the future output of a smaller wind farm located in Sweden, but this one will become operational in 2018.

With these new deals signed to receive clean energy, Google will bring its renewable energy purchases in Europe at the level of 500 MW.

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