Graphene is now used to generate solar energy for prosthetic hands

Graphene can generate solar energy to power prosthetic hands.

A team of scientists at the Glasgow University, Scotland, have found a new use of the honeycomb form made of carbon and called graphene in the development of prosthetic limbs or robotic arms with the sense of touch.

In the world, several teams of researchers are trying to create flexible versions of synthetic skin that can have the sense of touch by mimicking different types of sensory receptors found in the human skin.

Scientists at the Glasgow University, Scotland have created a way of powering an experimental form of electronic skin using solar power produced by solar cells made of graphene.

Powering such systems with clean energy is not an easy task, but the team of researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering has discovered a way of using graphene (an ultra-thin honeycomb form of carbon) to generate clean electricity through solar power.

Today, smart prosthetic hands can reproduce many mechanical properties of the human limbs, but the sense of touch is something new, and the amputees can benefit a lot if they can use a prosthetic hand with the sense of touch, which is much closer to a real hand.

An electronic skin with the sense of touch can be used on robots to enhance their performance and ability in detecting more potential dangers when interacting with human subjects.

Ravinder Dahiya and his team of researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering has already described in detail in the journal Advanced Functional Material how they managed to integrate the photovoltaic cells made of graphene into the electronic skin.

The next target of the team is to use the same technology to power the motors that are driving the prosthetic hand because only this way they can create a completely energy-autonomous prosthetic limb, which would be even closer to the normal limb.

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