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Green Benefits of E-Scooters

An e scooter can be a very efficient vehicle for city rides

It is risky to solve last-mile distribution. Flowers, which you order in London, grow on a farm in Colombia. The flowers ship 5,000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to reach England. They ship the flowers within an efficient system.

The flowers travel the “last-mile” of the journey to arrive at your house in London. The last-mile distribution requires a delivery person, route, and an individualized schedule. A tricky problem is last-mile mobility.

We usually spend too much time driving a mile or two in a city. It is difficult to find parking and you can also get stuck in traffic jams, so you will burn CO2 in your non-electric car as you wait.

A New Mobility Solution

Steve Jobs believed that cities should be redesigned around electric scooters because they could make a much bigger impact than personal computers.

And Jeff Bezos supported and invested in the original Segway Scooter, which was released in 2001.

There has been a rise in e-scooter models because of technological innovation. The new mobility startups Lime and Bird embrace the current scooter models. The business model innovation of some companies is the main reason there has been increased adoption of scooter riding.

People can leave scooters anywhere because they don’t need a docking point (they are dockless). That is why they are important for last-mile mobility. Companies can pay people to pick their scooters up and charge them at home, especially when they are out of juice at night.

Electric scooters have become popular in cities throughout the U.S. and even in Europe. The rideshare revolution was started by Uber and Lyft, and they are now planning to launch their own scooter platforms.

In fact, the Best Fastest Electric scooters advance sustainability and they promote active outdoor lifestyles.

How Scooters Could Change the World

Scooters can lessen carbon emission by roughly 350 grams of carbon on every mile traveled. This is according to the Lime app. Imagine how the world would be if most people were riding scooters. Here are some projections:

There would be a daily reduction of 3,500 grams of carbon on every scooter if the scooter runs for 10 miles daily on average.

There would be a reduction of 35 metric tons or 35,000,000 grams of carbon a day in a city with 10,000 scooters.

There are approximately 500 cities in the world with more than one million people, so we can mitigate 17,500 metrics tons of carbon in a day if we scale that up across these cities.

We will use electricity to charge these five million scooters, so we should consider the amount of carbon we will burn charging these scooters.

370 metric tons of carbon is emitted to produce electricity for the five million scooters in the world. This amount is 2% of the carbon that the same number of cars produce.

This is the reason why electricity is much more eco-friendly than gas.

The net amount of carbon we will mitigate is 17,130 metric tons after subtracting that of electricity.

Some people will walk and chargers will pick up scooters in their vehicles, so we can reduce this number by 20% because of these reasons.

That is the same as taking 105,000 vehicles off the roads throughout the world, every day.

Final thought

You now know the truth! Steve Jobs was once again right. Electric scooters can make a positive impact on the world. However, it is hard to know if it will happen. You can tell us what you think about the electric scooter revolution.

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