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Heating Oil Tips For The Winter

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Winter is getting closer and closer, and this means that we have to prepare the central heating system of the house to work properly in the cold months that will follow.

If you rely on heating oil to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter, you have to take care of the outside tank, the oil supply and the heating system for the following months, in which they will be used intensively.

Heating Oil Tips For the Cold Season

To be sure that you can rely on your heating system for this winter, you have to take care mainly on the oil tank and the heating boiler.

1. Keep the area around the oil tank clean

To be sure that you have access to the outside oil tank to inspect it whenever you want, you have to clean the area around the tank.
If you have a lofty tank, you can cut the grass and remove any debris that could block the access to all the sides of the tank.
To know more about this, head to Romeo’s Fuel’s blog and get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

2. Check the tank for leaks

Now that the area around the tank is clean, you have to inspect the tank for any leaks, and you can smell the oil if there is any leak.

If there is no leakage, you have to check the grass under the tank and around it, and all the fittings to see if there are no leaks.

3. Check the tank details

At the end of the tank you can find the identification of the tank, where you can read the capacity of the tank in gallons or liters, you can find the supplier, and the emergency telephone number (in case you need it).

4. Check your tank security measures

You have to be sure that the cap of the tank can’t be taken off, and to prevent any theft attempt you can point the security lights towards the tank and even use a camera to monitor all the activity around the oil tank.

5. Order the fuel for the winter

There are several home Heating Oil Companies offering oil at a great price.

Order the oil in time, to be sure that you have plenty of fuel for heating the house when the cold weather will arrive.

The best thing to do is to buy the oil early, because in the winter when the demand is high, the price will also be higher.

6. Get your boiler serviced

The main boiler, which is used to heat the house and produce domestic hot water, is very important to be serviced every year.

You actually have to service the boiler in quieter times, (in the Fall), when the volume of work at the service center is reduced, because if you will wait until the winter, you will have to wait much more because all the centers will be full of orders from late customers.


Using heating oil as fuel for central heating and producing domestic hot water is affordable if you have a good supply of cheap oil.

This is the reason why you have to move fast when ordering the oil (you have to order the oil way before the winter), because waiting until the last moment will cost you much more.

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