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Climate change is real

It seems that Earth is heating up and all this is happening due to our activity on the planet consuming a large amount of resources to cover the increased demand for energy, fresh water, food, and different products of a population that is constantly growing.

Signs Showing That Climate Change Is Real

The scary signs of climate change are very real can be already found all over the planet.

1. Polar Ice Caps Are Melting

Global warming is a real thing (despite the deniers) because it already started to melt the polar ice caps at a rather accelerated pace.

2. Forest Fires

In America and Pacific Canada, we see nowadays massive forest fires that occur much more often, and all this is happening due to the lack of rainfall caused by climate change and a massive deforestation in the area (that’s why is so important to plant new trees every year).

3. Air Pollution

The massive consumption of fossil fuels for energy and heat generation continues to produce a massive amount of air pollution on the planet.

This decreases the quality of the air that we breathe and also leads to changed weather conditions due to the fact that a large amount of greenhouse gases are released into atmosphere producing global warming.

4. Acidity Levels in the Oceans Are Rising

The oceans on planet Earth represent massive carbon sinks because they like to absorb the massive amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases released by mankind into the atmosphere.

The large volume of carbon absorbed by the oceans is turned into Carbonic acid (CH2O3), which increases the acidity levels of the seawater.

A water with high acidity is not suitable for marine life, and this means that a large number of marine species are killed.

5. Rising Sea Levels

Besides the fact that the polar ice caps are melting along with the massive glaciers, landlocked ice also starts to melt, which will slowly but surely, raise the level of the sea.

6. Disappearing Marine Life

The increased level of acidity of the ocean and the rising global temperatures is creating unbearable conditions for marine life, which starts to search for better habitats (fish migrate to cooler waters).

This leads to another effect (big predatory fish don’t find food so easy anymore), and this combined with overfishing, leads to a massive disappearance of marine life.

7. Changing Weather

We all see that the weather has changed, winters are no longer that cold, while the summers have become extremely hot, and this is not happening in only one country, but everywhere on the planet.

8. Decrease in Biodiversity

Global warming and climate change have a massive effect on every ecosystem on the planet. When habitats change drastically (deforestation), the animals will leave the area in search for something more stable.

Animals moving to a new location will come in conflict with the current inhabitants, which leads to the disappearance of some species, and the introduction of invasive species to areas that could wipe out massive amounts of life.

We already see this happening, bears instead of hibernating, they start walking into towns in search for food, cougars seen on the outskirts of the cities for the same reason, etc.

9. The World is Getting Hotter

The temperatures are rising and this is a scary reality that affects all the creatures that live on the planet both on land and at sea.

In the last decade, tens of countries recorded the hottest summers ever, and the rising temperatures are killing a large number of people and animals every year.

What Can We Do To Stop Climate Change?

We can all contribute to reduce the effects of climate change on our planet.

Now that we know what causes global warming and climate change, we can start by planting new trees, become more efficient in everything we do, we can learn how to recycle our trash, we can start driving electric vehicles instead of vehicles with internal combustion engines that pollute, we can stop polluting the ocean with plastic, we can use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, etc.

If you want to support the fight against climate change, there is an event called “There is no Planet B”, which released embroidered badges, that can be worn to increase the awareness of our planet’s issues among the others.

There is no Planet B embroidered patch

There is no Planet B embroidered patch.

The event was originally initiated by Patchion LTD, the company who produces quality custom embroidery. Their offer includes 100% cotton products which are environmentally friendly to our planet.


We all can do something to save our planet from a scary disaster that could wipe out all life on Earth.

We can start by realizing that global warming and climate change are real, to understand what we have to do to stop mankind’s path towards a climate disaster.

We have the resources, but this is not enough if we don’t change our way of living to become protectors of the environment and leave this planet for the future generations who may appreciate it more.

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I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars. Danny Ovy

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