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How Important Is To Keep Your Air Ducts Clean?

Air duct system

The HVAC air duct system in your home is responsible for indoor air quality and the comfort of the house, providing both heating and cooling for the entire building.

The ductwork is very important because is like the circulatory system of the house, bringing cool and hot air up to the far end of the building.

To be sure that the HVAC system providing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in every room of the house for a pretty long time (15 to 18 years), works at its peak efficiency, you have to take a good care of it, exactly like in the case of any mechanical piece of equipment.

Doing a little preventative maintenance, and also professional maintenance for your HVAC system, you can get extra years of service and higher efficiency through that preventative maintenance process.

Paying for the high efficiency of the HVAC system will sustain the efficiency throughout the entire life of the equipment.

Why Should You Clean The Air Ducts?

I’m sure that you are performing certain cleaning tasks in the house every day (sweeping), and at least once a week you vacuum the floors to keep everything clean and dust free.

However, your HVAC air duct system does not receive the same treatment, and even if you clean the house daily, into the vents built into the floor will fall a large number of human hair and maybe pet hair, allergens, household dust, etc.

Over time, dust and mold will accumulate in your HVAC air duct system, and every time you will turn on the heating, or the air conditioning system to cool the house, the contaminants sitting in the HVAC system will be agitated and recirculated throughout the entire house.

To keep the air inside your home or office clean, fresh and healthy, and also to ensure a peak efficiency of the HVAC system, you have to call a HVAC air duct cleaning company.

How To Find Out If Your Air Ducts Are Dirty?

To find out if your air ducts are dirty, just take the vent cover off, stick a camera phone inside there and take a picture.

If you are not able to see down the duct very well, it means that the system is dirty, and you should call the cleaning company right away.

Another sign showing that the duct system is dirty is to see your home dusty again after only one or two days after cleaning the house.

How To Choose The Company That Will Clean Your HVAC Ducts?

Before choosing the company that will clean your HVAC ducts, you have to be sure that it meets certain conditions such as:

  • If the cleaning company is a NADCA Certified company.
  • It provides customer references?
  • How long has been in the business and if HVAC air duct cleaning is the only service that it offers.
  • The cleaning process includes supply branches and return branches, and also the return and supply trunk lines?
  • If the cleaning company takes before/after pictures of all the ductwork for verification?
  • If it uses powerful vacuums on all the jobs performed (5000CFM or better)?
  • If provides a written guarantee of all the work that was performed?

If the cleaning company meets all these conditions, feel free to call them.


Always keep your air duct system clean, no matter whether we talk about your home or your company, because a clean HVAC system will work at maximum efficiency, and will keep the air inside your home or office very clean, fresh and healthy.

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I am a writer and reporter for the clean energy sector, I cover climate change issues, new clean technologies, sustainability and green cars. Danny Ovy

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  1. Afton Jackson

    We’ve planned to do a cleanup of my brother’s beach house before staying in for a vacation.
    I found it helpful when you stated that having dust around the house after cleaning is a sign that ducts need to be cleaned because this may just happen to us during our vacation and a lot of our family members are allergic to dust. I’ll be sure to check for a cleaning service to inspect our ducts before we settle in. Thank you for your help!

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