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How Restaurants Can Keep Customers Safe In The COVID-19 Era?

safety tips for restaurants during Covid-19

The hospitality industry has been one of the most affected by the pandemic, with restaurants identified in many countries as one of the key areas where the virus spreads.

In many areas around the world declaring restaurants to be closed for all except take-out throughout national lockdowns and local periods of restriction.

Whether your restaurant has reopened or you are planning to reopen safely in the near future, keeping your customers and employees safe should be a top priority.

Here are some of the most important things restaurants can do to improve safety during the COVID-19 crisis.

Reduce Capacity

The more people are gathered in your restaurant, the higher the chance of the coronavirus spreading. Reducing capacity may mean taking fewer bookings and less profit at one time, but it will pay off in terms of safety, which will improve your chance to keep your restaurant open for longer.

It is a good idea to reduce the number of tables to provide a larger space between tables for diner and consider operating on a bookings-only system to ensure that you are always aware of how many people are going to be inside the restaurant at one time.

Sneeze Guards

If your tables are located quite close together and it’s impossible to move them to create more space between, sneeze guards can be an ideal alternative. Sneeze GuardEZ provides clear plastic guards that can be used as a barrier between tables to prevent strangers from coming into contact with each other and reduce the risk of COVID-19 being spread through droplets when talking or laughing.

Hand Hygiene

Make sure that all of your customers have the opportunity to keep their hands clean at all times.

COVID-19 is often spread through touching contaminated surfaces, therefore hand washing and sanitizing is more important than ever in order to stay safe. Provide a hand sanitizing station at the entrance of your restaurant and offer hand sanitizer at the table to those who would like it.

Mask Wearing

Face coverings have been proven effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus by preventing droplets from the mouth and nose from traveling as far as they would without any protection.

Ask your guests to wear a face-covering in all areas of your restaurant where they are not sat down to eat, such as while queuing to get inside, in the waiting area, ordering at the bar, or using the restrooms.

Temperature Checking

One of the most common early symptoms of COVID-19 is a high body temperature, which can be easily detected by a thermometer even before the person has begun to feel sick. A quick temperature check of anybody entering your restaurant can help you detect potential coronavirus infections in individuals before allowing them to come in and dine. In adults, a high temperature is considered to be 100.4F or above.


Restaurants have already been through a lot as a result of the pandemic. Making your restaurant as safe as possible for your customers and staff will help you build customer trust and avoid having your doors closed again.

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