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How To Get Free Solar Panels in the UK Today?

The UK Solar Panel Funding scheme

We all know that today, solar power is the only source of free and clean electricity that can lower our energy bills up to zero, and can reduce our carbon footprint to minimize the impact on the environment.

Owning a roof facing south in the UK, could be the first step for a home that receives incentives to install a solar panel system, which will lower the energy bills and can generate income by producing its own renewable energy.

Using the Solar Panel Funding Scheme

UK homeowners can use the Solar Panel Funding scheme to install a new solar panel system with no lease attached (you own the system), using money produced from grid trading platforms.

The scheme helps the UK homeowners to make real savings on energy bills and even pay zero energy bills.

Today’s technology uses AI based grid trading platforms to unlock new income streams amounting to a better income than the previous government tariffs.

Battery Storage is Available in Most Areas

To achieve massive savings with solar energy, a battery backup is a must because if you only send the excess energy produced during the day back in the grid (instead of saving it for night and morning use) you will make only small savings on energy bills.

A battery storage unit can help you go almost off the grid and never pay electricity bills again.

By installing a solar panel system on your roof, you will start generating power during the day, but that power will be mostly consumed in the house and only the excess energy (if any) will be sent into the grid.

During the night and the next morning, you will use only energy from the grid because your panels are not producing energy without the sun, which means that you will make tiny savings on energy bills.

Using a battery system, you can save the excess energy produced during the day (instead of sending it in the grid to power your neighbors), and use it during the night and maybe the next morning.

This means that you would almost never use energy from the grid, is like living off the grid and never paying energy bills again.

Why is the Solar Panel Funding Scheme Better than the Previous Government Tariffs?

A solar panel system isn’t cheap because it helps you to generate your own free and clean energy during the day.

However, the Solar Panel Funding scheme is better than the free solar panel scheme because you can get solar panels and then rely on grid trading platforms to fund the installation.

Having a roof facing south is the first step towards a successful installation of your solar PV system.

Winter mode, costs and customer’s local profile is another criteria that could increase or decrease your earnings.

The installation cost will vary depending on the size of the system and how complicated is to carry out the installation in your location.

You will start by completing the Solar Panel Funding form to see if you qualify for the Better Than Free Solar Panels.

The Solar Panel Funding scheme will not lease or rent your roof space, because you will have complete ownership over the solar panels.

You will start generating clean and renewable energy using the PV system and you will lower your energy bills.

Using a battery storage unit will help you make even higher savings on energy bills, and you will no longer be affected by winter blackouts.

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