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How to Have a Greener Home with Eco-Friendly Appliances

Greener home

Are you striving to create a greener and more environmentally-conscious home? Do you want to ensure you’re taking as many steps possible to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth? If your answer is yes, then you are among a very large movement that has grown in the last decade.

It’s a new movement of people that accepts and worries about climate change and how humans in general are impacting the environment on our planet. This same movement is one that wants to change the course of our civilization by starting to make more environmentally-friendly decisions.

So, why not start to use greener and more eco-friendly appliances in your home to lower the impact on the environment and also pay smaller energy bills every month? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Start with the Large Appliances First

Replacing the large appliances in your home with eco-friendly models can be quite overwhelming for your budget, because every new technology is smarter and greener but may cost more.

While it would certainly be great to update them all at once, if your budget is tight, you should replace them one by one over a certain period of time to not affect you financially.

A good place to start is with larger appliances. These would be things like your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. Because these are big appliances, they are notorious for being the biggest energy consumers in the house.

By replacing them with greener and smarter products, the energy savings obtained by using them will start to pay off after a couple of years.

Look for Environmentally-Friendly Features

As you shop for new and smarter appliances, also be sure to look for environmentally-friendly features outside of energy efficiency. Take for example, refrigerators, that have built-in water filtration systems. This means you won’t need to buy bottled water and create waste, instead, you’ll have fresh filtered water on-demand. You can also use a re-useable stainless steel water bottle to just keep re-filling.

Shop for new filters at, but be sure to change out the filters on a regular basis to ensure that the filtration system is working properly.

Another environmentally-friendly feature would be with the single-serve coffee brewing machines that use coffee pods. Look for one that allows you to use a re-useable pod that you fill with coffee grinds. This eliminated the waste from those single-serve coffee capsules and pods.

Look for Energy-Saving Settings

Another feature that is becoming more common on appliances nowadays is the energy-saving settings. Take for example your dishwasher. With today’s modern dishwashers they usually offer a quick, energy-saving, or Econo-wash setting.

This setting will use less water, require fewer cycles, and cut down on the running time. All of that makes it a much more environmentally friendly choice.

Many of today’s washing machines and even dryers have similar settings to save energy. Even the ability to adjust the temperature setting will make a difference for dryers.

Achieving a Greener Home is a Complex Process

It’s important to keep in mind that even though it would be great to make massive and sweeping changes all at once, typically it’s more of an on-going process to transition from older appliances to newer ones that can turn your building into a greener home. It’s about making smarter choices today and benefit from them in the near future.

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