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How to Make A Career in Renewable Energy?

Getting a job in the renewable energy sector

Nowadays, making a career in the renewable energy sector is more popular than ever, because our society is trying to ditch fossil fuels and invest massively in energy sources that are clean and continuous.

For this reason, the young generation shows an increased interest to study for getting a job in renewable energy. This thing is finally something beneficial for the environment because these future engineers in the green energy sector will develop the generation capacity for renewable energy on the planet, and this means that our society will rely less on fossil fuels. This article aims to help you getting careers in Renewable Energy.

In the last decade, the generation capacity for renewable energy on the planet increased year after year, and this trend will continue in the future until we completely stop the use of fossil fuels. After that, the generation capacity for clean power will continue its growth because a developing society requires and consumes more power year after year.

If that power is 100% clean and friendly with the environment, you can say that you did your part as a responsible person living on planet Earth.

Renewable Energy Jobs For Students

If you want a career in renewable energy, you can choose from a wide portfolio of clean sources of power available on the planet such as: solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, hydropower, biomass and biofuels, wave energy, tidal power, etc.

There is also a wide range of technical skills required for all these jobs, but most of them are no different than the skills required to become an engineer.

Stop considering renewable energy as something new or entirely different from the other sources of power, because apart from the power source used (renewable instead of fossil) you have to master pretty similar skills to become an engineer in renewable energy.

For renewable energy, mechanical and electrical skills are required, and in order to work with sources that use renewable power you will learn: civil engineering mechanics, everything about electricity and electronics.

Mastering all this knowledge can help you in many other sectors that could emerge in the future.

Today you may learn how to design a wind turbine, but tomorrow you may find yourself designing underwater turbines that harness tidal power. And is not enough to make the underwater turbine efficient, you also have to protect marine life from being affected by the presence of the turbine in their environment.

Getting A Job In The Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy means today several technologies used to harness the never ending sources of energy provided by the sun, and by other sources of clean and continuous power available on the planet, coming from: air, soil or water.

You don’t have to learn about all these power sources. You need to focus on one or two sources of clean power and become an expert.

Compared to fossil fuels such as: coal, oil or natural gas, the number of new jobs created in the renewable energy sector, grows year after year.

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