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How to Plan a Road Trip With a Tesla?

Long trips with a Tesla

The world is changing pretty fast. Just a decade ago, we didn’t have an electric car that could be freely used for a road trip. The infrastructure wasn’t ready yet, and really our batteries couldn’t last for six hundred miles before you run out of juice.

So, now that we have all of the technologies in place, and Tesla’s can actually go over six hundred miles, we can finally go on a family road trip without always overthinking whether or not you’ll end up on the side of the road waiting for road assistance to drop you at the nearest charging station.

we thought it would be a great idea to sit down and share a bit of experience in planning a road trip with your Tesla. From researching Tesla supercharger stations to booking a hotel that has the proper accommodations for electric vehicles, there are certain tricks to have a great time, even if you had to spend forty minutes loading up on juice.

You will have to be strategic with your supercharger stations

A huge part of having the perfect road trip with your electric vehicle is planning everything properly.

Take, for example travelling by a gas-powered car. You have plenty of gas stations that you can fill up your car in just two minutes. So, you don’t really have to plan to go through a gas station. But our infrastructure is built in a way that is convenient for us to quickly fill up the car.

But when you’re travelling with a vehicle powered by batteries, you have to spend some time planning and making sure that you have the right charging stations en route.

Make sure you take into consideration how busy the charging stations you’re planning to use are

But just having charging stations on the way isn’t exactly going to cut it. See, travelling with an electric vehicle also requires quite the planning if you want to be efficient.

If you don’t do your research properly, expect to spend hours waiting for a charging station to free up. The best way you can make sure you won’t waste time charging your car is to make it there when it’s fairly empty. This would require you to do a bit of digging thought. That way you can find out when is the prime time for each charging station that you’re planning to use.

You have to do your research and make sure that the hotel you’re staying at has a charging station

And while we’re on the topic of doing research, one of the must do’s that you should have on your list of tasks is to find a hotel that offers appropriate accommodations for electric vehicles and charging.

That means that you may have to call beforehand and make sure that you have a place to charge your car and ideally you won’t have to travel to a separate location to juice up your car.

Ideally, if having a place with a charging station isn’t exactly possible, take your charger with you with a wall adapter.

And, it won’t really be much different than going on a road trip in a gas-powered car

To be completely honest, electric vehicles aren’t that much different when road tripping. The reality is that depending on the vehicle you have you may actually be able to travel further on a single charge than what you’ll be able to in a full tank of gas.

Once you realize this, the “running out of power” anxiety should calm down, and you should have a pretty peaceful and enjoyable trip. Moreover that there are far fewer things that can go wrong with a car like that. You don’t have the hundreds of moving parts that you have in a car with a combustion engine.

So, if we have to put things into perspective, you have a bigger chance of arriving at your destination on time without any hiccups during the travel with an electric car, rather than with a BMW or a Mercedes.

To wrap things up, we just have to say that electric cars are really the future, and it’s coming way faster than we anticipated. Who knows! In ten years we may actually be writing an article that’s teaching us how to plan a trip and note down all the gas stations before we go because charging stations will have taken over the world.


The important thing is to enjoy every little moment of the trip. Just because you have to spend extra forty minutes juicing your car, it doesn’t mean that they should be dreadful. In fact, they can be pretty fun!

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